Chard, Chicken and Mushroom Quiche; Misbehaving Butternut Squash — 6 Comments

  1. It’s probably a brand new hybrid, which you will name and save seeds from and it will make you a millionaire when some big seed company buys you out, right?

  2. Squashes are known for their misbehavior. Two years ago we had strange occurrences in our tiny community gardens as well. I am curious to know what it tastes like. Waiting for the story to be continued.

  3. Why oh why am I here when I’m starving?! That quiche looks fabulous! (And us with no chard in the house!)
    That lovely white flying creature looks a little like a mosquito hawk. So glad you didn’t harm him.
    (Can’t wait to see what the inside of the squash looks like. How lucky am I that I can just hit the link to the next post?!)