Courgette (Zucchini) Cups; the Glorious 12th! — 8 Comments

  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Today is my 56th birthday!
    I had no idea we shared the same birthday!
    Happy< happy birthday to you, dear Katie!

  2. Happy Glorious 12th —
    Here on the prairie, we do as those in Lake Wobegon do — we lock our cars. Of course, here on the prairie, it’s all about size and how BIG we can grow zucchini!

  3. Happy birthday! When we lived in Germany I was amazed to learn that they thought night air was “ungesund” (unhealthy). As was warm bread. I still eat warm bread and sleep with the windows open and I think I’ll be OK.

  4. Happy belated Birthday, Katie! I’m sorry I missed this on your actual day.
    Do me a favor please? Do not EVER stop your pre-recipe ramblings. It’s you and your preamble that keeps me coming back!

  5. NOoooooooo, don’t you dare stop the preambles!
    Happy glorious 12th! You share your birthday with my sister. I can’t believe that she doesn’t refer to it as the glorious 12th too.
    Hmmm, zucchini. Yes, I’m prejudiced. I know intellectually that those zucchini cups must be delicious but I just can’t see using zucchini for anything but ratatouille. Or cut into sticks and served raw with blue cheese mayonnaise.