Courgette (Zucchini) with Feta and Greek Olives; The Update — 5 Comments

  1. What a lovely little froggy! Do you have a pond on your land where he can live? If not, dig one immediately so he’ll stick around! I made a small ‘water feature’ in one of my gardens years ago and literally within an hour or two a little frog had taken up residence!

  2. Our yard is hopping with the little tiny newly not tadpoles 🙂 Yesterday I counted 14 in hardly a minute while I cut a little basil.
    Your froggy is cute … or would be outside in a pond.
    Zucchini with feta and olives … wish I could have been there.

  3. I love how happy the frog looks!
    Your courgette looks perfectly cooked – not too mushy as is often the case when it’s cooked. Good idea to add olives. (Do you ever use Nyons olives instead of Greek? Or are they insanely expensive even in France?)