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Paris — 6 Comments

  1. *Sigh*, Paris is so marvelous. I love the idea of the Paris Plage and a ferris wheel must be set up only in good weather, as it wasn’t there when we were in March last year. Lucky you!

  2. What a great tour through Paris, Katie. I’ve just followed some of your links and had a fabulous tour through Cenonceau! We were in Paris for 11 days and I didn’t know the castle and grounds even existed!
    Thanks for great photos, memories and a few restaurants to tuck away for future visiting.

  3. Zoomie, the ferris wheel goes up every summer in the Tuileries next to Rue de Rivoli. A different one goes up at Christmas in front of the obelisk at Place de Concord (started for Y2K). There are no wheels typically up in March. Sorry.
    Katie, I looked at your pictures and thought, “typical Paris summer drab, glad I’m not still there.) Your delight in the drabs would definitely please the desires of my own mon mari. Personally, I prefer the constant source of the Midi sun. While he bitches, of course.
    So sorry about your tooth! Horrors. And hopefully you’ll find the Typepad changes worth relearning. (Too bad if you don’t, though.)