Pasta with Avocado and Chevre; the Update

Lest you think mon mari is totally ignoring my kitchen cabinets……


He did manage to get 4 more doors done….

That would be 10 down, 18 to go.  But, who’s counting?

He finished another ceiling, but this one was easy….


Just a bit of patching, sanding and a coat of white paint.

Then, shall we say, he bent his attention to the floor.


He filled in the gaps in the door openings with cement, to finish leveling the floor so he could lay tile

In his spare time he managed to fetch some firewood


And do some of the, much-hated, plumbing, to get an outdoor faucet near the house and another by my garden.

(Can you hear the sound of the whip being cracked?)

I, on the other hand, am lazing around the house nibbling bon bons.

Well, I did manage to freeze 15 kilos of tomatoes in various forms of sauce, chopped, etc., as well as at least that much zucchini (courgette) in various forms as well.

My freezer is now full.

What am I going to do will all the butternut squash that are ripening?!?!?

You’ll have to forgive this next recipe…..

it’s incredibly simple with only 4 ingredients – but you can pretend you slaved all day.

And it’s high fat, with the goat cheese and avocado – but mainly heart-healthy fats.

I’m still trying to fatten him up after his last hospital stay.  If only I could give him the calories from my half, as well…..

The recipe, Pasta with Avocado and Chevre, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Pasta Salad with Avocado & Goat Cheese.

It’s simple…. but tasty….

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  1. Oh my, you two have been busy. The kitchen is coming along. We are completing the last of the renovation downstairs. I need to blog about it some time. Don’t think I could be gardening too.

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