Preserving the Harvest: Herbs; What to do with all the cucumbers…. — 9 Comments

  1. I have heard of preserving herbs by freezing in ice cube trays, but have never done it. I think this year might be the year for it…lots of thyme, basil, oregano, etc growing, and no way to use it all fresh.
    I have made refrigerator pickles in the past, and you are right…they don’t last long cause the kids inhale them!

  2. Thanks for the tip on using an ice cube tray for freezing herbs! Never would have thought of that one, but I love, love love it!
    Now I need to start making those refrigerator pickles.

  3. Just hung a bundle of parsley in the back room off my kitchen, just like Grandma Annie used to do. I bought one of those herb keepers for the other herbs – I think they really work.
    Must buy some special ice cube trays!

  4. I CAN imagine tomatoes without basil. Tomatoes and dill is one of my favourite combinations. Annoyingly, some creature ate all our dill. Happily, it doesn’t like basil.
    I’ve used ice cube trays to store basil pesto (without the cheese added) but it never occurred to me freeze herbs in water or stock. Good idea!
    (Have you made raita with any of your cucumbers?)

  5. Cindy, yeah, my big ‘kid’…. Freezing is much easier and quicker than drying. And I could never dry away from dust.
    Toni, they work great… Hard to clean them if you freeze pesto tho.
    Mimi, herb keeper? Must check that out. Not familiar. I don’t have a clean enough place to dry them at the moment.
    Elizabeth, tomatoes and dill? Must try that. I like them hot with sage…..
    Natashya, sage freezes perfectly… in minutes!
    Joey, you are welcome ;-))

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