Sautéed Rainbow Chard with Yellow Tomatoes; the visit: Chez Dentiste — 9 Comments

  1. No way, Jose. Hate, hate, hate going to the dentist. I haven’t been in over 30 years, tho I should as I have a couple of chipped teeth that I need to get fixed. My last dentist had a “habit” of leaning over on me, know what I mean? Yuck.
    As for the zucchini and chard….same here. I’ve taken to slicing the zucchini length wise with my handy dandy mandoline, brushing with olive oil, and grilling. When tender and with a few lovely grill marks, remove from the grill and sprinkle with a bit of parmigiano reggiano. Oh my.

  2. Katie, I am with you. I am finding the numbness is now more annoying than the pain. I had a tooth filled about two months ago and the numbness reached up into my sinuses and made my nose feel stuffy. It was terrible. Second time the numb face has been unbearable. Apparently it takes us longer to recover the older we get.
    Wish I were eating chez vous tonight.

  3. “Star drill.” It had to be the “star drill.” I first got exposed to this in around 1989 in California. Minor drilling done with no anesthesia on the spot.
    Lucky you.
    Cindy, ugh. Leaning over. Ugh. Not even if she was a “10.”

  4. I do love gardens, but I will have to suffice with what I can find at the farmers market. Visiting the dentist is right up there with hanging by your underpants from a tree but it is something that is inevitable:D

  5. Love the chard/tomato combo.
    Be careful about expressing a love for the zukes; you’ll be getting daily Fedex zucchini deliveries 😉

  6. Cindy, I hate dentists… I went to a children’s dentist for years…
    Baking Soda, Yup!
    Mimi, at least the pain is quick while the work is being done…. I’m still a coward, though.
    4 borders, is that it? I tried googling it.
    Val, I love that description!
    Ulrike, and a coward….
    Cymry, I have plenty of my own, thank you very much!

  7. You’re lucky that you broke your tooth in Paris. Dentists there are some of the best in the world. I got a toothache when I was there, and the dentist gave me medicine – free of charge! Now that’s my kind of dentist, LOL. I love the recipe, by the way. Thanks for sharing.