Summer Squash Soup; the update

We have guests and are busy being tourists this week…. Something we haven’t done since moving here.

Where are the guests sleeping you ask?

In a tent, of course….

The update:

The ceiling was finished this week.


And I spent Sunday moving both of our ‘offices’ from one end of the hall to the other so he can start on the walls and tiles off the kitchen.


And build a frame around the opening we smashed through between the kitchen and the hall.  We’ll start laying the tiles soon and the staircase we’ll come in September.


The sunflowers are starting to turn brown and the seeds are forming.


The fields are starting to turn brown…. Fall is coming.

In honor of the sunflowers… and summer I made some lovely Yellow Soup.


It’s a simple soup, few ingredients…. Serve hot or cold….

Summer Squash Soup

The recipe, Summer Squash Soup, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Yellow Summer Squash Soup.

Summer is meant to be simple.

Last updated:

6 thoughts on “Summer Squash Soup; the update”

  1. I have more summer squash than I know what to do with! Tho I did make an italian veggie soup this week and used up 3 of the buggers!

  2. The preamble of your trip to the dentist made me laugh out loud while reminding me of my own youthful trauma and drama of going to the dentist. The killer was the clamp the size of Australia – somehow …Australia seemed small in comparison.

  3. Thanks, Val… I have to have something else to think about ;-))
    Zoomie, yeah…. makes you wonder, doesn’t it.
    Cindy, 3???? in one soup? I need that recipe!
    Christine, thank you… ;-))
    Giz, Australia was smaller, you’re right.

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