Barbecued Shrimp; The Healing of America — 3 Comments

  1. At my alma mater, we have an important bit of writing from am 1890s Board of Regents decision defending a professor who was teaching (not preaching) about socialism:
    “Whatever may be the limitations that trammel inquiry elsewhere, we believe the great State University of Wisconsin should ever encourage that continual and fearless sifting and winnowing by which the truth can be found.”
    Cool heads and sifting and winnowing are needed in the health care discussion!
    Those shrimp look wonderful!

  2. i am enjoying the commentary you are giving………would love it even more sitting with you eating these shrimp! Let’s have a few bottles of wine with that, too……that may cause a bit of winnowing!! I have so much I could add to this…not to the shrimp, they are perfect!