Chicken and Avocado Enchiladas; My Kitchen — 7 Comments

  1. Watch out for dull knives!! (I just had 4 stitches removed from my thumb because of using a dull paring knife in a foreign kitchen)
    Mmmm, enchiladas….
    (Please reassure me that you didn’t even see those ridiculous packages of pre-shredded cheese. As if it’s difficult to grate cheese!)

  2. There’s nothing like being away from home to make you further appreciate what you’ve got. I don’t get those over-priced herb mixes either, or how people go crazy for them. To me they taste like dust.
    The enchiladas look wonderful. And homey.

  3. just reading that cups of mayo and cream my arteries already feel tighten, uf! Thanks for bringing us this healthy yet delish chicken!

  4. Elizabeth, shredding cheese is one of mon mari’s duties ;-))
    Kate, and I have no idea what the white powder in them all is…. scary….
    Lynn, and I could have had a corn dog…. It’s been years.
    Gattina, all that fat…. A tiny bit of mayo adds plenty of flavor.

  5. I’m wondering which food fairs you’ve been to. One of my friends lives in a town house in what I think was an old Sear’s building, next to a hospital in downtown Minneapolis and the ground floor is an international food market.

  6. poppy fields, I know that area, although I’ve not been to the International Food Market. I used to shop at that Sears when I first moved to Minneapolis. Maybe next trip….