Potato and Chard Gratin; Obama’s speech

I listened to President Obama’s speech on Health Care Reform the other night.

I haven’t read the bill; I have not been here for all of the discussions, so I have a very limited view of it all.


What he said all made excellent sense to me, except I think he should do a bit more to reform malpractice litigation and premiums – which are outrageous.

But no more outrageous than the behavior of many of the Republican elected official during the speech.

One was texting on his Blackberry.

One actually shouted out ‘Lies’ at one point.

They all sat with disgruntled expressions on their faces and walked out a bit prematurely.

What are they – all 4th graders?

Can’t they behave like adults?

They are elected to office to represent their constituents…. Is this how the ‘people back home’ want them to behave?

Wouldn’t it be more productive if they were to have actual discussions and/or debates; to work together to effect a change that would benefit everyone?

I’m not saying the Democrats are any better.  I’m sure, given the opportunity, they could behave just as badly.

But these are grown men and women, supposedly the leaders of “The best country in the world”.  Can’t they start acting like it?

And what’s with inciting seniors to riot against ‘socialized medicine’.  Hasn’t anyone told them that Medicare IS socialized medicine?


I have to stop now….


The recipe, Potato and Chard Gratin, has been updated and re-posted here: Potato Chard Gratin.

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17 thoughts on “Potato and Chard Gratin; Obama’s speech”

  1. Quel tragedy!! We still do not have chard in the house (big surprise – it’s only about 5 minutes since I commented on the chard quiche) and now we seriously neeeeeeed chard. This potato and chard gratin looks wonderful!
    (We have been having similar thoughts about politicians as well. It is looking like we may be having YET another federal election and all we hear from the various candidates is how awful/stupid/foolish/wasteful their opponents are. It sure would be nice to hear some positive remarks, such as what they are planning to do to right the wrongs. I must say that I was very impressed with the way that President Obama replied to the “lies” remark. Wow. I hope I can become that graceful!)

  2. why don’t you just keep to the food and france we love? i, for one, didn’t appreciate the lies that obama told in his speech or the highly partisan fashion in which he delivered it. but then again, i live over here, know the bill, follow the debates and the news and have actually talked to law makers.
    this plan is snake oil…but back to the gratin, which looks lovely, by the way…

  3. oh, and if any of you think that obama or his party is that gracious:
    cambridge police: “acted stupidly” and the way obama rectified that one (have a beer party on his lawn).
    pelosi: the people who are attending town meetings are nazi-like (they carry swastikas).
    baird of washington state: we’re fascists.
    hoyer and pelosi in a USA Today op-ed–town hall citizen-protesters are “unamerican.”
    barbara boxer: the protesters are astroturf, are too well dressed
    robert gibbs: the protestors are brooks brothers
    uh…need i go on?
    president bush addressing congress: democrats boo and hiss
    harry reid,in an address to college students, and at the moment george bush touches down on foreign soil: george bush is an idiot.
    people, this partisan “bickering” as obama calls it, has been around for a long, long, long time and is perpetrated in large measure at this time by the party in charge of the white house, the congress and the senate.
    and now, back to food, which is why we come to this site…

  4. Personally I’m astonished at how political opinions can affect people’s personal behavior. Like the commenter above for example, who chastises you for expressing an opinion (on your OWN blog, btw) but then goes off on a long rant full of name calling and accusations. Hard to imagine how this type of behavior can be doing any of us any good.
    And just for the record, I don’t mind a bit of politics with my food, and I support health care reform in America 100%.

  5. Kalyn said it well. No need for me to comment.
    Health care reform is obviously necessary. We need more civility from both sides of the aisle. And in the blogosphere.
    Your blog, your rules, Katie.

  6. I agree with Kalyn and Mimi, Katie. It is your blog and you have the right to express your opinions. What I cannot understand is why trying to assure that all of our fellow citizens have adequate health care is considered evil. Never in the history of our “civilized” government has the office of the President been so mocked within the halls of Congress. I thank you for your remarks Katie.

  7. my point, dear fellow fans, is that most of us don’t come here for politics (or do you?). you are right. it is her blog. i guess i was surprised to see the suggestion that things have gotten bad recently. and of course was surprised to see politics at ALL here. but then again, if that’s what she wants, of course that’s fine. i didn’t think it was a “rant” but more of a point of bringing some perspective in–since things had turned from the beauty of her estate, the funny and sad stories of french medical care and the delicious food.
    but, it sure go you talking.
    ps. i don’t know ANYone from any political perspective that thinks reform is not needed. even medicare, which our host rightly notes is “socialized” is out of money and will be in even more dire shape in years to come (it is socialized, after all).
    i leave you to your own thoughts and probably won’t link here anymore. this one one little corner of the internet where i could escape to the joys of food and france…no more.

  8. Hi Everyone….
    All remarks are duly noted – and I thank all of you for them…. Especially the ones about the Chard Gratin ;-))
    I am not knowledgeable enough, nor is this the place, for a lengthy discussion.
    I was merely expressing my opinion of the events I saw and the behaviour of the people that I witnessed.
    And, damn….. I’ll probably do it again so be warned or stay tuned as the mood suits.

  9. katie, you’re a class act lady and i’m glad to call you a fellow american and i would be honored to run into you in france some day.

  10. I could not agree with you more. i have to say however that i have not had a chance to see the speech but boy I am reading a lot of blog comments on it from both sides.

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