Quinoa and Avocado Salad; the update — 7 Comments

  1. All good things come to those who wait.You have been a very patient woman, but I am sure you will be so pleased with the results.

  2. A lovely salad! I have been feeding Charles quinoa and avocado too – seems like good, stable food and delicious too.

  3. Have a fabulous trip!
    Never thought of pairing quinoa with avocado. Just bought quinoa yesterday………
    Your kitchen will be perfect…in due time. You are the essence of patience!

  4. Outstanding! So few people know about the tremendous benefits of Quinoa. The addition of avocado is great!
    I make a batch of “Powerhouse Salad” frequently and keep in the fridge for snacks. There’s no recipe, but I combine:
    Black Beans
    Garbanzo Beans
    Diced Tomatoes
    Diced Red Pepper
    Diced Red Onion
    Fresh Basil, oregano
    Balsamic Vinegar
    Great non-animal sources of protein.
    Chef Todd Mohr