The House Update and a walnut question

Wondering what mon mari was up to whilst I was traveling?

Me, too.

He did lots of tedious little things that he likes to do when I'm not around….

He had the door off the bathroom for two days while he refinished it. 

He fixed various little plumbing leaks and problems – which, of course, necessitates having the water turned off for long periods of time.

He hooked the water line up to the boiler and radiators so we can actually use it all to provide heat.

(To read my dissertation definitions of boiler/furnace/stove click here.)

He did some slashing and burning outside – which he knows makes me, er, concerned.

He knocked down the remaining bits of wall between the kitchen and hall, plastered and sanded.

None of the above is photo-worthy…. but here are a few projects that are.

Remember the ceiling that continually rained seeds on our head all winter?

He tore into it, and what we thought was one big beam turned out to be three new, modern beams.  Obviously they replaced the original at some point.


This is where all the seeds were being stored.

Now it looks like this. 

It's only finished on the right – he's waiting for the stairs before he finishes the left side.

I maya have mentioned that the house originally had 4 fireplaces: one, huge one that works, 2 with chimneys that don't go all the way to the top and one that was just bricked over.

This was what it looked like as he opened it up:


Fast forward a few months for the stove:


Fast forward a few more months and we have the beginnings of a mantle:


And, finally:


Oh, and he finished tiling and grouting the hall.

It's starting to look like and actual house……

No recipe today…. I have lots of new ones to post but the weather has been so gorgeous I've been doing  stuff like this, instead….

Harvesting and gathering!  I love fall!


Question on walnuts:  One of our trees, the one with the most nuts, naturally, has something that is turning the outer husks black and slimy.  The nuts appear okay inside so I'm drying the ones that aren't too gross and hoping they'll be fine.

Can anyone shed some light on this?  What causes it and are the nuts still good?

6 thoughts on “The House Update and a walnut question”

  1. Ooooh, could it be:

    And could this help for “black, slimy husks that stain and stick to the shell.”

    Now that I’ve researched that, I’m off my dinner.

  2. Cindy, then I could shop more….
    TikiPundit – that’s exactly it! Thanks. Now I’m going to go and ‘dispose of’ the slimy ones. Burning, maybe.

  3. When ton mari is finished with your house, can you please send him over to mine? I promise to send him back once he has undertaken a few projects I have in mind… and he’ll be grateful to be back with you as I don’t cook as well as you do!

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