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  1. Welcome back home, Katie! I loved seeing what you packed to bring back to the US with you! Jolly Ranchers – who would have known?! 😉

  2. Ihave found that when traveling along with 2 small children you can be .5 pounds over the limit and they will not make you repack; however, my husband traveling alone was .5 over and guess what, he had to reach in and pull something out that went into his carry on computer bag.
    I too miss things from the US and I am only a few hundred miles away.

  3. I hope you trip was great! LOL! Old El Paso green chilies are so USA centric and everywhere in the USA, and I have taken them for granted. And Jolly Ranchers, another USA centric ubiquitous candy that is everywhere in the USA, I have taken for granted. I am glad that you were able to get these common items here, and ship them over there. Oh, and BTW, the deodorant you have there is what I use, and here is the story behind it. During the winter, I could not find the clear type anywhere, and the solid stuff makes me break out. There was a product buy by a different company, and for about 6 months, this product did not exist anywhere. A couuple months ago, the product reappeared. Thank goodness 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, I got SOOOO excited when I read about what you’d mailed to yourself — and then I remembered that you live in France, not Italy. If I mailed a box like this to myself in Italy it would arrive with items missing and not necessarily the contraband items like vitamins, just whatever struck the fancy of the postal/cusoms worker. Then after several weeks – or months, the package would eventually arrive, and I’d have to pay a customs fee to receive my own stuff – or at least part of it! I am happy for you though – much better to mail this stuff than to lug it in your suitcase.

  5. Who doesn’t enjoy shopping? Not counting boys here!
    Katie, I don’t mind to send you some smoked papprika from here, it’s supposed to be very good. It will be cheaper to you, won’t it?
    Any free chairs for dinner? What a great dish Katie!

  6. Jenn, cravings can be strange…. I like Sour Patch, too.
    Shayne, once you’re across a border the miles don’t matter. I’ve been lucky a few ounces over – but I don’t want to risk getting someone having a bad day.
    Lannae, funny how we get used to things – I hate the ‘white’ stuff… leaves residue! And the Green Chiles – that’s the admission price to our house ;-))
    Barbara, I get nailed if it comes from a company, but the customs people never (so far) bother with ‘private’ packages. Last year I had ordered some stuff from LL Bean and paid a fortune in customs and taxes. Never again.
    Meredith, absolutely from Minnesota – I wanted the hand-harvested, but WOW, the price! I’ll have to check out Spree…
    Nuria, I’ve looked in Andorra and couldn’t find it. We don’t often get very far into Spain when we visit our friend in the mountains…. I may take you up on that.

  7. Next time I am in FR, and in your area, I will try to remember to bring chilies!! Also, crispy duck is good, but I am sure FR prep of duck is delicious!!

  8. I didn’t realize you were back until this morning! I’m laughing at all you managed to cram into your suitcase and flat rate box, and chuckling a bit at what you picked. Didn’t know you’re a Jolly Ranchers fanatic!
    I like the looks of your Saltimbocca recipe. It’s a bit different than the lemony one my friend from Florence taught me.

  9. Couldn’t you grow green chilies in your garden, Katie? If your tomatoes do so well, I would think you’d have the ideal climate for chillies. (And then think of the fabulous green chili omelettes you could have!)
    And couldn’t you grow other chilies as well? Poblanos, jalapenos, cayennes, birdseye (piri-pi.jpgri), etc. etc. You could can/dry/smoke them in your spare time (ha).
    Then you could have more room for Jolly Ranchers. (Never tried them but love that name!!)
    We don’t really have enough sun in our garden so the chili plants don’t nearly supply our needs. Luckily, there is a South American grocery store not far from us where we buy the most wonderful dried chilies – favourites are smoked red jalapenos labelled moritas and several Indian grocery stores that sell green chilies. But the few green chilies from our garden are so far superior to store-bought fresh chilies. So superior that I’m almost contemplating cutting down one of the trees (not really) in our lovely shady garden.

  10. Funnily enough I made gnocchi yesterday and have some for the freezer and have some schnitzel in the freezer and fresh sage leaves only, missing the Gruyere but substitute. Great inspiration thanks

  11. kiran said welcom back i like it sooooooooooooooo much rice with chili

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