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Baked Tomatoes; Sad days, chez nous — 4 Comments

  1. Poor puppy dog…….what a sad story! My Lilly Starbuck(wheaten terrior)is having the same problems. She is 13…..i do not know what I will do when she goes to doggie heaven.Hope Sedi got her extra chewy!!Love those tomatoes…..

  2. Oh, dear, so sad that their lives are shorter than ours and inevitably this time comes along. Try to remember all those lovely mountain walks that I’m sure improved her longevity and her joy in life. She has had a lovely life with you and she wouldn’t have changed a thing.

  3. Jann, she got it, but didn’t eat it. She had a stroke and isn’t eating….
    Zoomie, I knew it was coming, still not ready for it….

  4. So sorry Katie. We have been through it with four of our beloved dogs now. Daisy is four and I hope she is around for a long time. Will be thinking of Sedi.