Baked Tomatoes; Sad days, chez nous

I took Emma to the vet today; nothing important, just the annual jabs.

He was amazed at how good she looks for her age.

She’ll be 9 this month.

For a big girl like Emma (she has such a pretty face) that’s about 85 in human years.

Our little, brown dog, Sedi, who we think is 11 or 12, is also about 85 in human years according to our  vet. (The difference in the calculation is due to their breeds)


Emma can still chase bunnies, leap into the car without effort and face down the local farmer on his tractor.

She thinks and acts like a dog half her age.

Sedi, on the other hand, still thinks she’s a puppy.

Unfortunately, her hips don’t allow her to act like a puppy.  Seven years ago we were told to limit her walking in the mountains and going up and down stairs.

We decided not taking a dog with us when we went walking in the mountains was absolutely no way to treat a dog!

As to the stairs…. We lived in a vertical house (7 levels).  There was no way to keep her from climbing.

She did just fine.

Five years ago we moved to flat France and life has been easier on the old girl.

Lately, though, she’s been getting a bit stiff.  Today, when I went out to take them on their afternoon constitutional, she couldn’t get up.

We laughed, we coaxed, we helped….

We finally got her on her feet but she was shaking so badly I had to hold her.

We thought (hoped) maybe she just had a paw ‘fall asleep’.

Now I’m thinking to go get the neighbor’s dog…. If anything can get her up, that will!

I’m so sad.

Even when we know it’s coming we’re still not ready to lose these 4-footed members of our family.

Maybe she’ll be better tomorrow.

I think I’ll give her an extra chewy tonight…. That will help!

And I’ll look the other way if she snitches more walnuts…..

Poor old girl….

On a brighter note – still have some tomatoes in the garden?

Getting tired of slicing them, putting them into salads, eating them on sandwiches?

How about baking them?

In England they serve plain baked tomatoes for breakfast. We like them, stuffed, as a first course. They also make a lovely, vegetable side dish, especially now, as we move into fall.

The recipe, Baked Tomatoes, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Simple Baked Tomatoes.

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4 thoughts on “Baked Tomatoes; Sad days, chez nous”

  1. Poor puppy dog…….what a sad story! My Lilly Starbuck(wheaten terrior)is having the same problems. She is 13…..i do not know what I will do when she goes to doggie heaven.Hope Sedi got her extra chewy!!Love those tomatoes…..

  2. Oh, dear, so sad that their lives are shorter than ours and inevitably this time comes along. Try to remember all those lovely mountain walks that I’m sure improved her longevity and her joy in life. She has had a lovely life with you and she wouldn’t have changed a thing.

  3. Jann, she got it, but didn’t eat it. She had a stroke and isn’t eating….
    Zoomie, I knew it was coming, still not ready for it….

  4. So sorry Katie. We have been through it with four of our beloved dogs now. Daisy is four and I hope she is around for a long time. Will be thinking of Sedi.

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