Butternut Pecan Cups; Watch for blinking lights

What I know about cars would fit on the head of a pin.

In large letters.

When we bought our car 2 years ago (or was it 3?) I had 4 criteria:

Could the dogs fit into the back?

Could the dogs actually get into the back?

Did it have a cup holder on the passenger side?

Did it have an MP3 player?

Whether it was diesel or petrol, automatic or standard, or any of those other things I don't know / care about didn't matter. 

I let mon mari worry about all that.  

When I rent a car I only check on the MP3 and the cup holder.

So when I was in the US and my b-i-l, who is the ultimate car person, asked me what I was driving I told him all I knew.

It's gray.

He:  But, what kind is it?

Me:  I don't know.

He:  You do know the name is on the back of the car….

Me:  I know.

He:  Didn't you look?

Me:  No…. I don't care.

He:  What if someone steals it?

Me:  The rental agency knows what it is.

He:  What if you forget where you park it?  How are you going to find it if you don't know what it is?

Me:  I press the little button on the keyring and get in the one that blinks at me.


Some people make things so complicated!

And, apparently when it comes to fussing with food, I'm one of them. 

I like playing with first courses…

And I did have rather a lot of butternut squash….

Butternut Squash Pecan Cups

Butternut Squash Pecan Cups

1 cup shredded butternut squash, loosely packed   about 3oz (90gr)
1/4 cup pecans, roughly chopped
2 slices Prosciutto, roughly chopped
1/4 cup cheese, shredded
2 tbs fresh sage
2 eggs
2 tsp olive oil

Lightly oil 2 ramekins.  Line the ramekins with the shredded butternut squash, working it up the sides as best you can.  Bake for 15 minutes at 375F (180C).
Remove ramekins.  Divide pecans, sage, prosciutto and cheese between the two ramekins.  Put a raw egg into each ramekin, on top of the filling.  Bake for 10 – 15 minutes longer, depending on how you like your eggs.

I take that back…. this wasn't at all complicated. 

6 thoughts on “Butternut Pecan Cups; Watch for blinking lights”

  1. Yummy! I am looking forward to some squash from our CSA this week and have a couple new recipes in mind.
    As far as the car goes…I’m with you. It’s gray. It’s a van. If you need more info I have to ask farmboy. That’s all I know.

  2. I once had a fender bender, and when the insurance agent asked me what kind of car I hit, like you, all I could say was “um … it was grey, and had 4 doors.” My brother, on the other hand, had a party trick — name a mother from our childhood, and what grade we were all in, and he could tell you what kind of car she drove. Really?! Who knew?

  3. My mouth is watering, reading this!
    And I’m chuckling about the car thing. My husband just can’t believe that it takes, on average, about 2 years before I can identify another car of our same make and model on the road when we pass one. He has no idea what planet I hail from.

  4. I’m the same with cars. Never pay attention to the brand, only the colour… but air conditioning is also important here, that makes two requirements ;D
    The dish looks gorgeous Katie!

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  6. Cindy, food is always more important!
    Charlotte, they could all be black as far as I’m concerned… than we can put ribbons on to recognize them.
    Tracy, and why is that important? (to recognize simimlar cars)
    Nuria, I forgot, air is very important!
    I’ll consider it, Jeff

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