Butternut Squash with Sautéed Forest Mushrooms and Pecans; Menu of the Week — 10 Comments

  1. Yummmmm. This just sounds like it would taste like fall! I think I hear hobbits in your kitchen.

  2. And if you didn’t grow your own squash? I bet it would still be wonderful with the easily available pumpkin pieces here in France. At least pecans are now available if you don’t look at the price. The sage cream sounds divine.

  3. But you know… with age comes efficiency.
    And it saves the almighty dollar or Euro… which can be used for home renovation/repair (of which I now know more than I ever wanted).

  4. Lovely blog as usual but 100lbs is just over 7st. Still tiny but not anorexic! All the best.

  5. you are putting me in the fall mood~I want to make this very soon……looks delicious!i have never had much will power…don’t feel bad!

  6. Giggle, great post. So is this why Do and I need to take advantage of being in our twenties to stuff ourselves silly with as much delicious food as possible? 🙂 Actually, its really true. My parents are retirement age, and during a recent holiday there was a minor blow out because they had planned a whole day outing and forgot that those of us under 30 need 3 means a day. Result: three cranky Gen Xers, two annoyed Baby Boomers. Ah well. Now we pack trail mix when visiting my parents.

  7. It’s really tragic, isn’t it? I too used to be able to consume much more than I can now. As I recall, I ate disgraceful quantities of food with little discomfort – the only discomfort was the embarrassment if I was caught.
    I love the sound of this squash!! I MUST try it this week with the butternut squash I bought. I fear it’s an inferior squash, but I’m thinking the pecans, etc. will be enough to improve its flavour.

  8. Tracy… that’s what I hear!!!
    Azurienne, ah yes, the pecans… what a treat – expensive treat!
    TikiPundit… efficiency – and I know more than I wanted, as well!
    Catofstripes, whoops! I never get the ‘stones’ right. It should have been 8 stone (I think)
    Jann, I’m having less and less.
    Neen, enjoy it and eat all you can while you can! I fondly remember having a a milkshake with the hamburger and fries….
    Elizabeth, I wasn’t even embarrassed by eating bowls of gravy – without benefit of potatoes…. Now… vegetables

  9. Bowls of gravy! Why that’s nothing to be embarrassed about. My favourite thing was butter – basically eaten like hunks of cheese.
    (Once my sister and I went to a different drive-through to get two more orders of bacon/cheese burgers fully loaded, fries and milkshakes because we couldn’t bear the idea of the server looking at us in horror. Ah, those were the days.)