Grilled or Roasted Sweet Potatoes; Poor, old Sedi…. — 11 Comments

  1. Poor Sedi. I hope she does indeed improve. I know she would love those luscious sweet potatoes. I love the marshmallow on steroids comparison.

  2. Poor pup…..I hope she makes a quick and complete recovery. It’s so hard to watch our furry friends suffer.
    I love roasted sweet potatoes, or yams. They are incomparably good, and yours look perfect.

  3. My goodness, I’ve read several posts in the last few days of dear pets experiencing unfortunate things. I’m glad to hear in your case that Sedi is slowly recovering. Poor thing. Our old doggo is making it on pain killers and glucosamine tabs. Both of her back legs are detached from her hips and still she manages to get around. They’re amazing, aren’t they? Your sweet potatoes sounds so delicious!

  4. Poor dog!! Poor you!! It’s so difficult to see our four-footed friends faltering.
    Oven-roasted sweet potatoes are favourites here. We love them with rice and jerk chicken or pork. (Our preparation is even simpler – just olive oil, salt and pepper. Next time I’ll try to remember to add Herbes de Provence. That sounds like a great addition.)

  5. I hope Sedi keeps continuing to improve. You may need to make sure she doesn’t injure herself when she’s not terribly steady on her feet yet.
    And I misread the last sentence as “…grazes the table…” LOL! As if it sort of sideswiped it and left a scar.

  6. Oh whaow. I just took a bite of those babies straight out of the oven and they are breathtakingly wonderful! Just as promised, a crispy skin on the outside and a silky creamy-like interior. This recipe is a keeper!