Meat Loaf with Mushroom Sauce; Cleaning forest mushrooms: Ceps — 10 Comments

  1. Our Mothers certainly loved cream of . . . soups. Mom made a mean chili with cream of tomato soup. To this day my brother cannot eat chili if it has bits of real tomato in it. Go figure. Your meatloaf and mushroom sauce looks tantalizing.

  2. Just catching up with your last few posts. Glad to hear Sedi is on the mend and I hope the trend continues. The house looks great and you guys are amazing. I never knew you had a son! Learning new things every day!

  3. Dang! A day late and a $ short…I JUST made meatloaf last night! I am going to write this one down for sure, as I think mushrooms and meatloaf will be an excellent couple!

  4. Excuse me for replying twice…
    We were just reading about mushroom gathering in “The River Cottage Cookbook”. You MUST have wild mushrooms on your property.
    Don’t all French pharmacists have to be able to identify whether the mushrooms you find are edible or not AND if so, do they charge very much for the analysis?
    Surely you must have various mushrooms lurking in your underbrush just waiting to be gathered.

  5. We had an unusually wet summer here in Montana, and I found enough porcini/cepes to dry for winter, but also about five pounds of chanterelles — made me so very very happy. Of course, it’s snowed now, so no more mushrooms until morels in the spring … alas …

  6. I think The house looks great and you guys are amazing. also I never knew you had a son! so thanks for sharing this.

  7. Penny, those cream of soups were a staple… as were the dry mixes (onion)
    Zoomie, we’re glad too, I’d miss our little tippy bitch ‘-))
    Cindy, that would be CREAM of Mushrooms…..
    Val, cold weather and comfort food – perfect match!
    Elizabeth, no mushrooms here. We had them in the Vendee, and I used to pick them on the golf course in Andorra. And, yes, the pharmacist go through them…
    Charlotte, you get MORELS???? Lucky you!
    n… Thanks…. It’s getting there…

  8. Too bad about no mushrooms at your place!! I guess that means no truffles either?
    Do you have to pay the pharmacist to check the mushrooms?