Osso Bucco; the Stairs, Part deux — 8 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness Katie, I was just thinking about making Osso Bucco and wondering where I could find Veal Shanks around here. I will have to drive to The Fresh Market in Hendersonville, about 30 minutes away. Your dish look wonderful. The stairs look great too. Our house is getting more complete day by day as I see your’s is. I picture you snug and warm for the Winter with all of your kitchen appliances working and wood stove lit. Plus access to the upstairs! This Winter will be better than last.

  2. Too wild about the stair guy’s old bedroom being the room the stairs are being installed in! Just too strange. I remember last summer you wrote about the history of the house. Was this guy part of what you wrote?
    The Osso Bucco looks yummy. I’ve currently got Piggs Petitoes going in my slow cooker, left over from the Ren Party we went to today. The reenactors all had some but the kids were too freaked out to eat the pigs’ feet. 🙂 And I’ve found they are made very much the same in many parts of Europe still.

  3. You will need all the comforting dishes possible just like this to make up for all of the renovations of the past year Katie. We will join you virtually with a bottle of red.

  4. How crazy that stair delivery guy lived in your house!! I love the description of all the polite discussion that had to precede any work… Staircase looks fab, and yes, yes, yes to ossobucco!

  5. ‘au-dessous’ or ‘au-dessus’ still gives me nightmares. Just. Can’t. Quite. Make. My. Minnesota. Mouth. Do. It.
    We don’t do vowels-other-than-schwa very well, I guess.
    The stairs make me wish we owned a two-story just so we could have something so awesome in our house. And your recipe lets me know we can.

  6. I use red wine in my osso bucco-one of my favorite meals-and cook it in the oven for a good two hours so it is tender. I also make that special mixture-can’t remember the name-of minced garlic, parsley and lemon zest to sprinkle on top. Heaven. I think I’ll go buy some veal shanks.

  7. Penny, you live near Hendersonville? My brother lives down there… Isn’t it wonderful to see things starting to get finished.
    Tracy, I have to admit I’m not big on feet myself, although they are always in the store – right next to the ears….
    Val, I have been craving comfort food…..
    Cindy, Yes, thank heaven indeed…. it was a long summer ;-))
    Jeanne, French country can be very, um, close….
    Amerloc, I think I pronounce it right – but only in my mind hehehe…
    Linda, I would normally have used red, but, this sounded good…. I think I may have to make this often and experiment….