Poached Eggs Bourguignon; Sniglets — 7 Comments

  1. YES!!!I remember sniglets! thanks for giving me their name I had forgotten what they were called. My favorite one ( and one I actually use) was/is nurdge ( speling?) when a car at a red light moves forward just a bit. see it happen all the time so think the word all the time.
    your recipes inspire me to be more adventurous in my cooking. thanks 🙂

    As an example of disgusting Halloween food that doesn’t taste as bad as it looks, perhaps. Or an example of klingon food. “Sure, it’s dead, but it’s only recently killed, you see, the blood is still warm. Kids’ food, actually, but, well… even a big, bad klingon needs some comfort food every now and then…”
    I have to say that one thing visually less appealing than this is poached eggs in red wine and mushroom sauce…

  3. I just love sniglets. Two of my favorites are “Sperrets”, those marks on your face after sleeping on a chenille bedspread and “Lubs”, the large particles of food that get stuck in your teeth.

  4. Oh dear. I’m afraid that the distinct possibility of burgundy coloured coeggulence is making me want to whoozle. I WISH I weren’t so babyish about runny yolks. I know these must be fabulous.
    But wait – maybe if the eggs are poached hard enough so they aren’t gluppy.
    (I’ve never heard of sniglets. Can you tell that I’m completely entranced by them?)

  5. I LOVE sniglets! My husband and I came up with one back in their heyday: “Grimesicles”–those black icicles that hang down from your car in the winter.
    Ketutar, too funny about Klingon food. I’ll bet those are tasty, though.

  6. Gayle, we used to have the books – don’t know what happened. There should be a word for that….
    Ketutar, you’re too kind….
    ssasczi, sperrets… I remember that one.
    Elizabeth, you really need to research sniglets – you’re a natural!
    Tracy, a perfect sniglet for the Midwest!

  7. Love the Sniglets that are always befitting to their descriptions. It is funny how we can usually relate to the experience.
    Your recipe for the Poached Eggs Bourguignon sounds delicious for a nice brunch aside from the typical Eggs Benedict or Eggs Sardou. I plan to have it on my next brunch menu with some fresh fruit and homemade biscuits.