Poached Eggs in White Wine and Mushroom Sauce; 10 Laws of the Internet (only 3) — 5 Comments

  1. Want the red wine version. NOW.
    I’m still yearning for some yummy fresh tomatoes that I could chop and heat up and then poach the eggs in the juice, then pour the whole shebang over polenta…I had that so many times this summer, and it was so delicious. And now the good tomatoes are gone… *sob.*

  2. Your 10 Laws of the Internet looks cool and Poached Eggs in White Wine and Mushroom Sauce has added taste to my wine.

  3. Your acronyms remind me of this lovely phrase: FUNEX? YSVFX! NVFM2.
    Wheeeeee!!!!! Who ME? Unbalanced??? Me????!!??
    The white wine mushroom sauce sounds lovely. But no poached eggs for squeamish me, thank you.
    I can’t believe that the dogs don’t find the tidbits humourous. Or at least pretend to. They do remember that their lack of opposable thumbs makes solo dining difficult don’t they? (Why is Firefox telling me that “opposable” is incorrect and to try “imposable” or “disposable”?)

  4. Amy, that sounds delicious – bring back summer!
    Thanks, Beth, I’ll come visit ;-))
    Elizabeth, I’m stumped – what IS that? It’s been bugging me….