Sweet Potato Oven Fries; The Stairs

Remember a week or two ago when I said we were waiting for September so our stairs would be installed?

After calling the installers several times over the past few weeks…..

And never hearing a word back from anyone…..

September arrived, without warning, Tuesday afternoon at 4:30.

The workers and equipment arrived also; ready to start work at 8 am today.

No warning.

Well, I mean, why should they have to warn us?

It should be obvious to anyone that we have been sitting on our front step for the past 7 weeks in eager anticipation of their arrival.

What else could we be doing?

After all, every inch of the interior has been wrapped in plastic to protect it from the horrendous amount of ancient dust, dirt and seeds that will come falling out of the ceiling as they cut this huge hole to make room for the stairs.

Since everything has been moved out of their way since September 1st, there was nothing that needed to be done; no need for advance notice.

Why should they have to give warning?  There couldn’t anything for US to do; they’re doing all the work….

Okay, enough.  You get my point.

I’m starting to suffocate, sitting under the plastic at my desk.

More later.

Let me just say this:

Sweet Potato Oven Fries have to be about the best thing I have discovered in years.

Why did I wait so long to make them?

Don’t make the same mistake.  These are incredible.

You could pass them out as candy on Halloween.


A bit ‘al dente’ on the outside from the caramelized sugars; like warm, creamy, sweet pudding on the inside….

The recipe, Sweet Potato Oven Fries, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Sweet Potato Fries.

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7 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Oven Fries; The Stairs”

  1. September was a LONG time a comin’!!!!
    Now, about those sweet potato fries…you are right, they are sweet as candy. The oven roasting just brings out their natural sugars, and you don’t need any dessert!

  2. I am picturing all of that ancient dust. Hope it doesn’t take too long to complete. The sweet potato fries look delectable. That is the way I like them too.

  3. Yes, indeed! The only way that sweet potato fries can be improved is to scatter them on top of rice that goes with jerk pork made in the clay baker.
    (Does this mean that the stairs are now in the process of being installed? Whoohooooo!!)

  4. Cindy, I can’t believe I never made them before!
    Zoomie, do try!
    Penny, ancient dust – and seeds. They used it for a grainery.
    Tanna, I’m covering up the computers
    Elizabeth, yes, they could make them, very slightly, better…..
    Kate, I’m making up for lost time and having them often…

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