Sweet Potato Oven Fries; The Stairs — 7 Comments

  1. September was a LONG time a comin’!!!!
    Now, about those sweet potato fries…you are right, they are sweet as candy. The oven roasting just brings out their natural sugars, and you don’t need any dessert!

  2. I am picturing all of that ancient dust. Hope it doesn’t take too long to complete. The sweet potato fries look delectable. That is the way I like them too.

  3. Yes, indeed! The only way that sweet potato fries can be improved is to scatter them on top of rice that goes with jerk pork made in the clay baker.
    (Does this mean that the stairs are now in the process of being installed? Whoohooooo!!)

  4. Cindy, I can’t believe I never made them before!
    Zoomie, do try!
    Penny, ancient dust – and seeds. They used it for a grainery.
    Tanna, I’m covering up the computers
    Elizabeth, yes, they could make them, very slightly, better…..
    Kate, I’m making up for lost time and having them often…