Tagliatelle with Leeks and Mushrooms; Always good to learn something new — 6 Comments

  1. Glad to hear Sedi is better and that her disability doesn’t phase her. It makes me laugh that Emma is no longer afraid because Sedi is no longer afraid. Dogs are such amazing fun and there are a couple of lessons for us humans in that, aren’t there? My Beloved’s mother had that same attitude toward her increasing disabilities, first welcoming her walker because it kept her independent, then rejoicing at her electric scooter because she could still go wherever she wanted in her assisted living facility – it’s all in how you accept what life brings. Attitude is everything – I didn’t learn it this week but I was reminded of it.

  2. Glad Sedi is doing better, and isn’t that an odd benefit of having had a stroke?
    Too funny about the wallpaper. Nothing like learning the hard way! I have one like that, too.
    I like the sounds of that pasta sauce. I may have to do something with it.

  3. I’ve learned that I neeeeeeed to buy leeks so that we can try this taglietelle. (I’m afraid I glazed over on the wallpapering tutorial.)
    Glad to hear that Sedi is recovering well.

  4. On the wallpaper, sometimes they just have to learn on their own. I have a good spatial sense and have been known to say “that won’t fit”. The last time I kept my mouth shut and D ended up having to cut the legs off the entertainment center.
    Glad Sedi is better.
    Your pasta looks great. I am going to fix it.

  5. Zoomie, I wish my mother was a bit more like that – she’s refusing the walker – not old enough (92)
    Tracy, it’s amazing at how she’s recovered.
    Elizabeth, mon mari glazed over it, too. Pasta = good!
    Penny, it’s hard to know what to do – speak… or not…
    Val, I watch… and help when requested.