Tanta Wawa, Peruvian Bread Babies; I’m a Baking Babe again! — 15 Comments

  1. Yay for baking in the new house!!
    Love the little Amish babies, they look very serene. Even while having their feet eaten!

  2. These are just too cute! Love Elizabeth’s comment on the expression on their faces. You’ve given me my laugh for the morning. Glad you can bake again.

  3. They look so satisfied and plump! What do you feed them? They remind me somehow of the Provencal figurines. Cute! Happy to see you baking again!

  4. Well , giving birth in your new kitchen …. how symbolic , even when they are only bread babes. Great job !

  5. Your Amish babies look perfect! Can’t wait to make these to go with a big bowl of soup. Already picturing my husband telling me to stop playing with my food as I make the Amish baby dance around the table *tee hee*

  6. Wow, I remembered ginger bread by looking to those bread lol any ways thanks for the recipe.

  7. Natashya, and they were good feet!
    Lynn, the wonderful smells….
    Elizabeth, and delicious!
    Thanks, breadchick… good to be playing instead of just watching again.
    Toni, try it, you’ll like it.
    Lien, I’m so happy to have a kitchen again.
    Tanna, it really is – touch wood that everything stays working properly.
    Penny, me, too. And I do love eating fresh bread.
    Baking Soda, plump babies are the best.
    Monique, I never thought of it that way…hehehe
    Cymry, and lots of melting butter….
    fioricet, they did remind me of gingerbread
    Ilva, good to be back..;-))
    Lydia, you’ve heard of it? Have you tried it?