Beef in Barolo; the harvest — 6 Comments

  1. I think it looks great – that rich burgundy, brown rich color of the meat on the soft yellow polenta. Wish I were eating some right now. Love the winter wheat too.

  2. Presentation totally is not everything. Pretty food is nice, but this sounds like comfort food in the best way possible. It doesn’t *need* to be pretty! (However, I secretly agree with the poster above — it does have a certain attractiveness served on the polenta like that. 🙂

  3. I love the glimpses we get of your surroundings through your posts. We get green in the winter here in Northern California, too, but golden brown in the summer.

  4. This looks really tasty! We live right in the middle of winter wheat area. Sometimes in the early spring it can be difficult to tell what’s new spring grass and what’s winter wheat greening up. Usually here it’s ripe by the end of May, whereas normal wheat could take all summer. It gives the farmers something to harvest when normally nothing else is ready yet, unless they’re growing strawberries or asparagus. It saps the soil, though, so they alternate with soybeans here.

  5. Ciaochowlinda, it tasted much better than it looks ‘-))
    Thanks, Laurie, maybe I looked at it for too long….
    Zoomie, I don’t know what next summer will bring…. I’ll miss the sunflowers.
    Tracey, I don’t know if they’ll do another crop or not…. we have a very long growing season.
    Jeanne, yeah, brown food – right up there with tan food.