Brioche Mousseline; The Bread Baking Babes Bake Brioche — 10 Comments

  1. I never realized how low an oven is until I baked this, my brioche was one centimeter from the ceiling of the oven when I took it out! Added to the fun though! I like that brioche loaf and your serving suggestions made very hungry!

  2. Lovely! I love your brioche centerpieces, very majestic!
    I had no idea French ovens were so small.
    Amazing you were able to get such wonderful loaves!

  3. great loaves! I had to remove my ovenstone to get them in and one burned the baking parchment that slided up with the dough. Mmmm that poached egg with the brioche… oops I’m drooling

  4. When I worked at a bakery, they made a brioche loaf that was divine. I loved it when it got just a tad stale as it made amazing french toast then, and the croutons that could be had from stale brioche were unbeatable. Ahhh, the memories.

  5. Poor brave Katie , going through so many troubles but never giving in.That’s the true Babes spirit.But your brioches are looking worth those troubles.Well done !
    Maybe you started a new wave, measuring cans !

  6. That’s an idea! Christmas breakfast with this bread and poached eggs.. and for dinner.. salad with poached eggs and this bread toasted.. Late night snack, I know what I’ll have!
    Looking so good Katie, glad you baked with us. Happy oventime!

  7. Ilva, I measured all the ovens before I bought one…. 1 cm is enough…. Just!
    Natashya, couldn’t resist playing with them (hehehe)
    Lien, I measured twice… I love eggs!
    Kate, croutons! I never thought… For soup!
    Tanna, oh…. if you insist. Just tell yourself you’re slicing it thinly.
    Monique, but it was fun! Thanks for the great bread.
    Baking Soda, then with pan-seared foie gras!
    Sara, aw, gee…. Thanks!

  8. Oh bless you for your detail. I am making the recipe now (just found out about BBB!) and I’ve had two snags of my own. Last night I read what I *wanted* to see which was, after mixing everything together stick it in the fridge, let it rise overnight and go to sleep. What it really said was rise on the counter for a few hours first. I’m crossing my fingers on that part, but it’s nice to know you had yours in the fridge for so long and it still rose well…I left mine in overnight and through work the next day. Crossing my fingers. Thanks for your detailed experience.