Chicken and Mushroom Risotto with Pimiento Sauce — 6 Comments

  1. Val, I didn’t even know what a caper was until I was in my 20’s….
    Baking Soda, No, mine are just in wateVr with a bit of salt… I guess that’s a brine… But, they’re not salty or ‘pickled’.

  2. I can get roasted red peppers in brine or in water, but my pimentos in the stores here are tiny strips.
    Great meal – and I am interested in learning more about olive oil and earaches.

  3. Natashya, that’s how my mother’s were…. Here they’re whole – so much nicer. I don’t know why – but my older brother always suffered with earaches, and she used to drop warmed olive oil in his ears…. No idea why, but it seemed to help.

  4. Are pimientos just roasted red peppers stored in brine then? So you could roast a red pepper, puree it and use that instead?
    (I’ve made lovely green beans with pimientos – the ones I’ve seen jarred are in strips rather than whole here too.)
    I’ve put warmed (to baby bottle temperature) olive oil into blocked ears and that helps to loosen and remove the wax. But I’ve not heard of it used for earaches. Seems like not a terrible idea.