Fried Butternut Squash; French conversation — 6 Comments

  1. Happy Turkey Day Katie. I am doing a variation of this with Acorn squash. I am thankful for your beautiful blog which makes it possible for us to follow your wonderful journey in making a home in France.

  2. Hi. I just stumbled onto this blog. I know exactly what you mean about a foreign language sounding different in your mind. But it sounds like you’re doing fine! Best of luck; the butternut squash looks delicious.

  3. Ooh, so easy and nice, this fried squash! Thanks for the recipe. And happy belated Thanksgiving to you.

  4. Thanks, Penny, I wish I could get acorn squash here….
    Val, they think my American accent is cute (I think they’re being kind)
    Ashley, I always so very clear in my own mind, hahaha
    Zoomie. I celebrated by calling the family.
    Lisa, I go in streaks – frying everything, roasting everything….