Potatoes Anna; deaf dog = crazy human — 6 Comments

  1. Would that be “slice into wedgies?” 🙂 I think the “walkies!” comes from that wonderfully eccentric British dog trainer, Barbara Woodhouse, who had a TV show back in the ’70s on PBS. She always said “Walkies!” in a high, excited voice that reminded me of Julia Child’s voice. I still use many of her methods – she believed in heavy praise for jobs done correctly.

  2. What a great idea to mix in sweet potatoes! That’s a good concept for fall cooking.

  3. ROTFLMAO about the deaf dog story!
    Here are some more Brit-isms for you: sarnies (sandwiches), butties 9also sandwiches, as in bacon butties for brekkie); squash (as in fruit cordial that you mix with water).

  4. Zoomie, I’d forgotten about Woodhouse!
    Val, it’s well worth the bit of effort.
    4 borders, all sweet potatoes was like custard – good, but not like a veg.
    Christine, the sweet potatoes counteracts all the butter…. (maybe)
    Jeanne, I love bacon butties – never knew how it was spelled, though.