Sunchoke (aka: Jerusalem Artichoke) Soup; the update — 7 Comments

  1. The kitchen is looking better and better all of the time. I love the wood stove to keep you warm on cold nights and the two-toned wood. We did something similar in our bookcases in the living room; a combination of walnut and pine. Your house is beautiful and your vision is making it so. The soup looks interesting and letting the main ingredient shine is the best way to determine if you love it. I have never tried Jerusalem artichokes.

  2. I feel exhausted just reading your house shenanigans – makes our renovations look completely insignificant!! The sand in the door frame would give me sleepless nights. Where did it come from? What is now occupying the space where it used to be?? :o)
    Sunchoke soup is possibly the best thing about winter. I love a couple of scraps of crispy bacon on top, but truffle oil sounds divine too…

  3. Your kitchen is looking wonderful! love your french country style.
    I haven’t tried a Jerusalem artichoke yet, sounds yummy!

  4. Thanks, Penny, it’s coming, slowly but surely… And the stove is wonderful
    Cindy, I’m always looking for ‘new’ winter veg… try’em.
    Thanks, Kate ‘-))
    Jeanne, bacon is always good. As to what replaced the sand? It’s a ‘don’t ask’ situation….
    Natashya, they are readily available here…unlike some more familiar vegetables
    Tanna, we’re getting there.