Turkey Wild Rice Soup; Weekly Menu — 8 Comments

  1. Men.
    Mine would ask the same kind of question.
    That soup looks good. I’m all out of wild rice, I’m going to have to try and find some.

  2. Kate, Today I received a large box from CA. It was from Nancy Hollowell who sent me a box of apples with some apple muffin mix. What a delight!. The apples perfumed the entire house. Thanks for keeping this going. Judith Sedtal

  3. That soup looks awfully good. I’m sitting here eating turkey curry, myself. Later, we may finish off the turkey Tetrazzini!

  4. I love wild rice but sometimes find the flavour overwhelming. What a great way you’ve found to use it. Looks awfully good.

  5. Poppy Fields, could it be because they don’t, um, pause and think?
    Zoomie, the turkey wild rice soup is a big tradition at our house.
    Oh good, Judith…. I’m so glad you got such a nice package…
    Lisa, Tetrazzini…. I love tetrazzini! Haven’t made it in years. Next week.
    Neil, I think it’s a Minnesota thing – I love it straight and plain. Most people think it’s a bit much that way.
    Val, I always smuggle some back with me…

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