White Pizza; The Stairs, part trois — 9 Comments

  1. I think I am as excited about these stairs as you are. Finally, you can get organized (cook book wise) Enjoy the stairs!!!

  2. AAGGHH! What would I have done w/o my cookbooks?
    Your place is really coming together, isn’t it? I think I would run up and down those stairs myself, just for the sheer joy of being able to!

  3. Nice idea of the putting up the stairs. I really like this kind of stairs, very neatly hidden and free from obstructions.

  4. I’ve loved following the evolution of your home, and have marveled at the meals you’ve produced in spite of living in a construction zone! Bravo on both the stairs and the pizza!

  5. Hurrah – there’s nothing better than being able to unpack stuff that you’ve been missing! We are looking for a carpenter now to make masses of book cases so we can get our crates (yes, plura, lots of…) of books unpacked. I love white pizza, especially with mushrooms & truffles 🙂

  6. Woohoo for stairs!
    I love a white pizza once in a while too. But usually when I am making pizza it is for my son… so we end up with the teen-types.
    Yours looks very tasty indeed!

  7. Susan, almost – I can hardly sleep!
    Val, and not have to go out and up through the barn…. It’s wonderful.
    Cindy, I will – as soon as the varnish dries….
    Zoomie, it is….slowly….
    Thanks. B.F.O.
    Toni, and more unpacking this weekend….
    Jeanne, mon mari is an expert bookcase maker… but, sorry, he’s very busy at the moment…
    Natashya, I usually can’t resist the ‘teen-type’ myself… I have an adolescent appetite…