Braised Rabbit; Why would I want the ‘whole’ rabbit? — 8 Comments

  1. Love, love rabbit. Always eat it when available on the menu in Europe. No, I would not have liked to find the rabbit head under the legs. That would have really turned me off. It is not readily available, if at all, in USA. I will wait until next spring when we go back to France to eat more rabbit. Actually, grew up with eating wild rabbit that my brother killed on his hunts. I think I could cut one up, remembering how my mother did it. The innards, including head, were always tossed.

  2. should I be glad at least the ears not there…
    remind me of my very first day in barcelona. I went to local market wanting to buy chickens… the bodies were all cleaned but their heads always ‘unshaved’ (not my kind of chicken either)…

  3. oh dear 😎 I try and be realistic and informed about where my meat comes from but that would have been a little hard to deal with. Especially as an unexpected surprise.

  4. Love rabbit! Heck I always wanted to grow them just for consumption. However, there is that whole I would have to kill it, gut, it and carve it gets me. Dang feelings!

  5. Rabbit is delicious. I grew up in an spanish household and we ate a lot. Although my pet rabbits kept dissapearing from time to time … hmmmmm

  6. Susan, my brother hunted, too. But I have no memory of them being cleaned… nor the squirrels. It must have been magic.
    Cindy, I thought it was mean to hide it.
    Zoomie. exactly!
    Gattina, heads and feet – don’t need either!
    Donna, the glass of wine helped…. but not much!
    Jeff, yeah, that bit… Although I’m told that the skin comes off easily (don’t want to know that)
    Anne, I had a pet rabbit once…. then I had new fur-lined mittens…. Hmmmmm