Cranberry Clafoutis; We have a room!

And they said it couldn't be done!

Monday, when it was finally…. Finally, time to move some furniture into our 'den' I wrenched my back.  Not that mon mari needed my puny help to move the furniture around…. It was all the boxes and other crap I was meant to do.  

I was totally useless for 3 days.

In honor of having a place to sit I had invited the neighbors for dinner Saturday night…. An invitation far too long overdue.

That meant that by Friday, when I was reasonably fit, the pressure was on to turn our construction site into a home…. At least, temporarily.

May I present:


Our den.

Furnished and decorated….

Sort of.

And it's not actually finished…..

One nice thing about it being the holidays, I can decorate.

Otherwise I wouldn't bother.

Right after the holidays all the rest of the furniture and boxes being stored in (what will be) the living room will be moved into this room.

But still….

Isn't it wonderful?

Of course I spent half of Friday, washing and treating all the furniture….

The other half I spent tracking down the Christmas decorations.

I spent all of Saturday cleaning this renovation site….

And  preparing my first dinner for guests in over a year.


Have you ever noticed how something that would be wonderful for just you, suddenly is lacking this or that when put before guests?

And, a word to the wise…..

For people coming from a culture that adores Sticky Toffee Pudding and Spotted Dick….

Don't serve Cranberry Clafoutis.

While I (and mon mari) loved the contrast between the very tart cranberries and the sugary sweet base, our British guests would have been happier without the tart part….

The thing I liked best, though, was how incredibly easy it was to make.

Cranberry Clafoutis

Cranberry Clafoutis

2 cups cranberries
1 cup walnuts
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
1 cup milk
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 tbs butter

Cut the cranberries in half.  Roughly chop the walnuts. 
Butter a glass baking dish, quiche pan or deep pie plate, (or even a round metal cake pan) 10 in. (25cm) in diameter.  Take 1 tbs of the sugar and sprinkle it over the butter, shaking the dish to distribute evenly.
Combine the cranberries and walnuts and spread in dish.
Whisk the eggs until they turn lighter in color, about 5 minutes. Add the sugar and whisk until well combined.  Add the flour and whisk well, then add the milk and vanilla.  Whisk until smooth.
Pour the batter over the cranberries and bake, 425F (210C) 30-35 minutes. It should have a lovely brown crust and be set in the middle.
Let sit 10 – 15 minutes before slicing and serving. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Maybe if I had remembered the Crème Anglaise…..

I'm going to have the rest, with a nice cup of Earl Grey (hot) and go sit on my couch in my den in front of my roaring fire right now.

So there!


8 thoughts on “Cranberry Clafoutis; We have a room!”

  1. Congratulations Katie! I know how you feel. I’m sure I would love your clafoutis. The den looks great. Now are you on to the living room?

  2. What a marvelous room! You must be just bursting with happiness at having an actual place to relax. Your decorations are wonderful, too. All you need is some artwork by local artists and your room will be perfect! The clafoutis sounds wonderful to me, and so appropriate to the season!

  3. Funny isn’t it – we have so many gorgeously tart fruits in the UK – gooseberries, greengages, blackcurrants, crab apples – yet we seem to have forgotten how to appreciate those flavours for themselves. [Insert rant against ready meals / supermarkets here]. I’m going to try the clafoutis – here in the bahamas we’re overloaded with cranberries from thanksgiving and this looks like a great dessert to use them up, and to go with my cuppa.

  4. Congratulations! Very nice. And thanks for the clafoutis idea: I have some fresh cranberries in the fridge and have been wondering what to do with them, so your recipe comes at the right time.

  5. How thrilling to have a room AND a kitchen!! And lovely too.
    Cranberry clafoutis (with walnuts!) sounds wonderful to me. But then I so often think that most desserts are far too sweet – I would never say anything at the dinner though!! (I’m quite surprised that the sweet-loving friends actually said that they thought the cranberries were too tart!)

  6. LOL! Living in France as you do I know the whole cultural taste thing. Oh sad that the guests didn’t appreciate the cranberry clafoutis! I would love it! Delicious! And I love your Christmas plates… and I want to see another picture of the den with a fire roaring in that beautiful fireplace!

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