Cranberry Clafoutis; We have a room! — 8 Comments

  1. Congratulations Katie! I know how you feel. I’m sure I would love your clafoutis. The den looks great. Now are you on to the living room?

  2. What a marvelous room! You must be just bursting with happiness at having an actual place to relax. Your decorations are wonderful, too. All you need is some artwork by local artists and your room will be perfect! The clafoutis sounds wonderful to me, and so appropriate to the season!

  3. Funny isn’t it – we have so many gorgeously tart fruits in the UK – gooseberries, greengages, blackcurrants, crab apples – yet we seem to have forgotten how to appreciate those flavours for themselves. [Insert rant against ready meals / supermarkets here]. I’m going to try the clafoutis – here in the bahamas we’re overloaded with cranberries from thanksgiving and this looks like a great dessert to use them up, and to go with my cuppa.

  4. Congratulations! Very nice. And thanks for the clafoutis idea: I have some fresh cranberries in the fridge and have been wondering what to do with them, so your recipe comes at the right time.

  5. How thrilling to have a room AND a kitchen!! And lovely too.
    Cranberry clafoutis (with walnuts!) sounds wonderful to me. But then I so often think that most desserts are far too sweet – I would never say anything at the dinner though!! (I’m quite surprised that the sweet-loving friends actually said that they thought the cranberries were too tart!)

  6. LOL! Living in France as you do I know the whole cultural taste thing. Oh sad that the guests didn’t appreciate the cranberry clafoutis! I would love it! Delicious! And I love your Christmas plates… and I want to see another picture of the den with a fire roaring in that beautiful fireplace!