Meatballs Paprikas; Powers That Be – help us be honest — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for following copyright laws. I do an ethnic dance form that has a fairly large following, but can still be considered a “niche” market. The vast quantity of illegal copies of CDs floating around our community makes me slightly ill when I think about it. Making a few copies of one or two songs *that you are using for performance* is kind of one thing; copying the whole CD out for your entire class is something else. Thank you for being honest.
    I’d also like to offer the suggestion of — full disclosure means I tell you that it’s a subsidiary of ebay, but without the bidding hassle. Mostly used, some overrun stock. I’ve found lots of good stuff on there for used prices. Not sure if you can use it since you live in France, but it’s another place to try.
    I have the EP from Enya myself, and it is gorgeous. 🙂