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Salami Risotto; the art of receiving — 7 Comments

  1. She’s like my Dad, who dragged us kids to church all the years we were growing up, then confessed to me once I was on my own that he never had any faith. Sheesh!

  2. Zoomie, there are just some things we don’t need to know.
    Stacy, Christine and Christine thank you. Between the 2 I ordered some great old-fashioned Christmas candy. It’s not the same, but it should fill the jar, be very pretty, and she’s bound to love at least some of it. My siblings will eat the rest when they visit.

  3. Sigh. I guess trying to make the candy would be a mistake…. Ha!! No kidding. I just tried doing a search for recipes for filled hard candies. Baking911 says it can be done but doesn’t actually come right out to say how.
    Finding the right gift is always a worry, isn’t it? Glad you found some candy online that might be right.
    (Speaking of “the right” candy reminds of the casserole dish that was on my grandparents’ sideboard. It was always filled with humbugs. Always. The casserole dish is now at my parents’ house and we can’t help but chastise my mother for serving green beans in the casserole dish. Without humbugs. No humbugs anywhere. It’s just wrong, isn’t it?)