Scallops on Pasta with Creamy Sauce; I’m becoming an expert time waster — 8 Comments

  1. You don’t even know what wasting time means… I have several awards (if you can call them awards), a double doctorate and six (or is it seven) honorary degrees in time mismanagement.
    If we weren’t about to have Jerk Pork with rice, green beans, oven roasted sweet potato, I’d say that we would neeeeeeeeeeed to go to the store to get some scallops. That sounds wonderful!

  2. Creamy *and* healthy pasta sauce, sounds too good. Puréed beans aren’t considered nearly enough.
    I’m far less disciplined than I used to be. It could be burn-out fr/ cramming too much into too little time for so many years, not to mention unexpected stresses that can make you feel like you’ve got ADD.

  3. I am the same. Instead of doing all that I should be doing, I am fiddling around with a new blog. This comment should link to it…

  4. Sigh….all I can say is…it’s not us, it’s just that time no longer runs as it used to. It’s speeded up ten fold. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
    That is one heavenly dish and I’ve just added a trip to the Saturday farmers market tomorrow where I’ll find gorgeous Digby Scallops and then not believe how long it took to get them (meandering through the rest of the market).
    Thanks for sharing the dish and the story with Presto Pasta Nights.

  5. I am such a procrastinator so I can empathize with this post. I also find that the less I have to do, the more time it takes me to do it. It’s amazing that way.
    I love the idea of using white beans to give the allusion of a cream sauce. Delicious.

  6. Elizabeth, so…. You want a time-wasting contest? I can do that. What, when and where….
    Zoomie, I’ll pick you up on the way.
    Susan, okay, I’ll take that explanations. Stress and burnout (sounds better than stupid game addiction)
    Meredith, but that’s productive!
    Ruth, even better excuses…. Thanks… I love it, time is screwed up!
    Tigerfish, we have to watch the carbs you know ;-))
    Joanne, the less… the more….