Season’s Eatings…. The Recap

Here it is….


The moment you've all been waiting for….

Or not….

What goodies did these foodies from around the world share with each other this year?

As is to be expected during the holiday season, people get busy and things get delayed in the mail (always a good excuse).

And some just get sucked into a black hole….

But, overall, it was a fun and successful gift exchange.

Without further ado.


First up with her post was Gattina, of Kitchen Unplugged.  She lives in one of my favorite cities, Barcelona.  She received a fantastic blend of herbs specifically for fish from Christine – perfect for someone living in a coastal city, and made this gorgeous Herb Encrusted Fish.


Christine, of Christine Cooks, in California, received her present a bit late, but she says it was well worth the wait.  She received Chestnut Confiture and Fleur de Sel from the Camargue from Emily.  In true French fashion she spread the Confiture on these lovely Buckwheat Crêpes


In a bizarre turn of events, Emily, of Tomato Kumato, is still waiting for her gift, also.  Emily lives in my other favorite city, Paris (sigh…).  Her gift is coming from Linda (yes, she mailed it).


Linda, of Ice Tea For Me, in Arizona, did get her gift from Jerry.  Among other things was some wonderful, real Maple Syrup which she used to make these decadent-looking Butter Tarts.  Butter, maple syrup….. they have to be wonderful!


Jerry, of Jerry's Thoughts, Musings and Rants, Ontario, Canada, received some home-grown herbs from Toni.  He made Dry-Brined Pork with Apples and Cranberries – which is on my menu for this weekend.  I can smell the rosemary….


Toni, of Daily Bread Journal, in San Diego, got a fragrant package of German Stollen mix from Ulrike, but, apparently hasn't had the time to do the post yet – stay-tuned….


Ulrike, of Kuchenlatein, Germany was introduced to grits and Moon Pies by Paula.  The Cheese and Egg Grits were a big hit with her boys. As to the Moon Pies – all I can say is lucky Ulrike! (Hope the boys let her try one.)


Paula, of Half Baked, in Alabama, received her package of goodies from Rosie.  As it came from an island on my side of the pond, it had a spot of tea in it and Paula, being a baker, made Bara Brith, or Tea  Bread


Rosie, of Books and Bakes, England, has also received her gift from Stacy, but has not had the time to post yet…. Something about exams….


Stacy, of Stacy and Brian's Adventures in Life, Oregon, was the happy recipient of some luscious dates from Palma (Hmmmm).  She made Pecan Date Squares to enjoy over the holidays. Yummy! I suggested dates with goat cheese if there are any left…


Palma, of Palmabella's Passions, California, received a bag of Wild Rice from Kate, along with some dried cranberries and a hand-written recipe.  She made this festive Cranberry Wild Rice Salad.
And I'm pretty sure that's MY bowl……


Kate, of Kate in the Kitchen,in my old stomping ground of Minneapolis, Minnesota, aka The Frozen North, unfortunately, had her gift sucked into the black hole.  The blogger, who so eagerly signed up to participate in this gift exchange, has disappeared into the night; emails falling into the abyss; no response…. I'm so sorry, Kate :-((.

And Sandi, who sent this blogger a gift will never know if it was appreciated…..


Sandi, of Whistlestop Cafe Cooking, Alabama, made a big pot of White Christmas Chili with the beans and Italian spices sent to her by Simona. I've never made this, always wanted to, now I will.  I love beans… any color, any time.

Simona, of Briciole, in California, is cooking Catalan style, with this package from Gattina.  She sent all of the herbs, nuts, spices to make Pollo con Picada Catalana.  Ever the Italian, she served it with Polenta Cakes ;-))

Gattina…. Wait, Gattina was up first.  Somehow I closed the loop.  And it was going so well…..


Next, we have fellow American Expat, Meredith, of DeeDee in France, Provence, France.  She made  Southern comfort food: Shrimp and Bacon on Grits, with the Grits and Grits Cook Book she received from Penny.  I love the wine…..


Penny, of Lake Lure Cottage, in Florida, is getting a taste of the North with her gift from Cindy.  She said she was thinking salmon…. but couldn't resist doing the thick grilled pork chops with Coho Mojo spice blend.  Do you know what Salmonberries are?


Cindy, of Baked Alaska, in…. Alaska, made Fougassette with the orange flower water and olive oil she was sent by Meredith.    A little taste of Provence in Alaska! I could make this to go with my chili….

Sharon, who does not have a blog, received Café du Monde Beignet from Judith.  She says that, even though she had never made them before, the Beignets were easy, delicious, and she was making them again for Christmas breakfast.  


Judith, who also does not have a blog,  "received a large box from CA. It was from Nancy ** who sent me a box of apples with some apple muffin mix. What a delight!. The apples perfumed the entire house."

Nancy, of A Winelover's Wanderings, has a lovely blog.  Unfortunately, her gift was sucked into the same black hole as Kate's.  :-((
I am sorry, Nancy… And Sharon, who sent a gift to this person, will never know if it was appreciated, either.

And that's all folks!  Posts, links and photos will be added as I receive them.

It's been fun….. Until next year….

17 thoughts on “Season’s Eatings…. The Recap”

  1. Great job with the round up. The foodie secret santa was right up my alley. What a treat it was to receive a gift and note that encouraged me to explore new horizons in cooking. Thanks so much for all that you did to pull this together – your hard work is appreciated!
    Have a brilliant New Year Katie!

  2. Hi Katie. You did a superb job on this roundup! I’m already thinking of what to send off next year. Salmonberries… we have salmonberries that grow in wild abundance all over the area where I live. Somewhere I’ve got a photo….

  3. I discovered your site because a favorite blogger mentioned this exchange. i think it is among the most amazing accomplishments in blogdom that everything went so well.
    This is a noble thing, and looking forward to being a part of it next year…
    Happy New Year

  4. Wonderful job! Looks like you had a good turn out!
    I was lame and didn’t sign up for the exchange this year but will remember it for next year.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Val, I still remember those wonderful Ice Wine Truffles….
    Kate, I’ll do my best…. so sorry :-((
    Ulrike, Happy New Year to you! Glad you got to try Moon Pies.
    Sandi, and you’re welcome bunches :-))
    Caiochowlinda, mark your calendar….
    JEdQ and have a brilliant one yourself! (and thanks)
    Christine… Salmonberries, I am very intrigued by these. Are they pink?
    Year on the Grill, looking forward to having you join the fun!
    Loulou, next year…. Happy New Year to you
    Paula, glad you had fun… ’tis the season and all that.

  6. Indeed, it’s been a lot of fun, every aspect of it: the sending, the receiving, the cooking, the writing and then the reading. Thank you, Katie for making all this happen. Happy New Year!

  7. Hey Katie, happy belated New Year!!! I was at my mother-in-law house (NJ) but she doesn’t have computer, sorry couldn’t get here on time. It is a real fun and festive experience. Many more, eh 😀 (but no more black-hole incident!)
    Millions thanks to you *dos besos*

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