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Season’s Eatings…. The Recap — 17 Comments

  1. Great job with the round up. The foodie secret santa was right up my alley. What a treat it was to receive a gift and note that encouraged me to explore new horizons in cooking. Thanks so much for all that you did to pull this together – your hard work is appreciated!
    Have a brilliant New Year Katie!

  2. Hi Katie. You did a superb job on this roundup! I’m already thinking of what to send off next year. Salmonberries… we have salmonberries that grow in wild abundance all over the area where I live. Somewhere I’ve got a photo….

  3. I discovered your site because a favorite blogger mentioned this exchange. i think it is among the most amazing accomplishments in blogdom that everything went so well.
    This is a noble thing, and looking forward to being a part of it next year…
    Happy New Year

  4. Wonderful job! Looks like you had a good turn out!
    I was lame and didn’t sign up for the exchange this year but will remember it for next year.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Val, I still remember those wonderful Ice Wine Truffles….
    Kate, I’ll do my best…. so sorry :-((
    Ulrike, Happy New Year to you! Glad you got to try Moon Pies.
    Sandi, and you’re welcome bunches :-))
    Caiochowlinda, mark your calendar….
    JEdQ and have a brilliant one yourself! (and thanks)
    Christine… Salmonberries, I am very intrigued by these. Are they pink?
    Year on the Grill, looking forward to having you join the fun!
    Loulou, next year…. Happy New Year to you
    Paula, glad you had fun… ’tis the season and all that.

  6. Indeed, it’s been a lot of fun, every aspect of it: the sending, the receiving, the cooking, the writing and then the reading. Thank you, Katie for making all this happen. Happy New Year!

  7. Hey Katie, happy belated New Year!!! I was at my mother-in-law house (NJ) but she doesn’t have computer, sorry couldn’t get here on time. It is a real fun and festive experience. Many more, eh 😀 (but no more black-hole incident!)
    Millions thanks to you *dos besos*