Viennese Striesel; The Bread Baking Babes do the Holidays — 16 Comments

  1. Thanks Katie for choosing this bread, first of all because it was delicious but also because I now am able to make a 4 strand braid! What don’t I get to learn with you Babes!

  2. Well, wow and wow and wow! You know how to braid! Looks so perfect compared to mine.
    Love the book: how fun to have had it since you were a child!
    Great bread Katie, many thanks.

  3. I am a clumsy 4-strander myself. Good thing it gets covered up!
    Thanks for such a great challenge, mine will be up in a couple of hours.
    Yours looks perfect! How nice to be baking in your own oven for the holidays.

  4. It was my first time braiding a 4 strand loaf too… I’m up for 5 strands next time! Thanks for this wonderful recipe, we gobbled it down in 1 day, so it was good for sure! better start writing the christmas cards now…

  5. I was just leaving some comments and saw your name and thought, “MY gosh, it’s been ages since I’ve visited Katie.” So I just dropped by to say “hello” and wish you happy holidays. And that braided bread is lovely.

  6. This was delicious and I am so glad you picked it! It led me into a world of wonder about holiday breads from all the nations.

  7. I couldn’t agree more, lovely choice, lovely bread! And I also had to look the braiding up … I had never used mace in anything before, but that was really a nice discovery.

  8. Oh. My.
    That looks delightful! I need to get back into baking bread – made my first forays last winter and they weren’t *total* disasters. *grin* That looks all kinds of yummy. Fiddley. But yummy.

  9. Hi there – I baked it and it is delicious although disappearing fast! (my blog post about it is here: . Thanks for introducing me to a great recipe, and one that was surprisingly easy. Must practice my plaiting though….

  10. Katie you made a fantastic choice for this month and I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to make it yet, but you know what my excuse is! Looking forward to making this in the new year. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  11. Christmas shopping – check
    Christmas tree – check (only 1/4 decorated, but there’s plenty of time at noon)
    Christmas post – What?!
    Christmas cards?!! – We’re supposed to send Christmas cards??
    Christmas baking – chec rrrrrrr – never mind… now you’ve added another thing that probably won’t get done in this house.
    RATS. I’m never going to be a Babe.
    (That striesel does look awfully good though….)

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