Warm Savoy Cabbage and Leek Salad; aging furry friends, the Weekly Menu — 3 Comments

  1. Know what you mean about the aging furry friends. My dear departed Tillie was incontinent (oddly, with pooping only) for the last year or so of her life but otherwise healthy in body, if not really in mind. Have you tried restricting her water after dinner? It works for me – otherwise I have to go to the bathroom at least once in the night, although luckily I don’t have to go outside! 🙂

  2. I love cabbage, too, but on to more important things. Sedi.
    Fortunately, I married a dog trainer. So I sent her your post and here’s what she thinks.
    Isn’t the Internet great?
    First of all, Sedi needs a checkup with a veterinarian (not a vegetarian) for issues that might be impacting her digestion. A dietary change, based on results from the vet, might help.
    So get her a checkup from the neckup, and from the neck down.
    Second, said dog trainer recommends crate training if the vet cannot find anything wrong. This surprised me, because the spouse aka dog trainer is not fond of them.
    Not for human convenience, not for anything else. Our three have NEVER been crated. And they have made their “mistakes,” (though while new to the house).
    So I was surprised at this recommendation.
    But it is so that a dog will not “potty” in its own den, and if its den is a crate, then that is the starting point for “eliminating” its potty problem in the house.
    Later, the concept of the crate/den is expanded, room by room, until the dog considers the whole house its “crate” or den, and would never dream of using the newly renovated kitchen as a poo corner. Because
    This means making the whole house accessible and comfortable to the dog. This also means taking the dog out for regular “walks” in the yard — whether Sedi “goes” or not.
    So it means regular and scheduled times outside. Sometimes “regular” means 0200. At least, for the dog. For that to work, the dog must be trained to alert the human that it’s time to go, NOW.
    We put a bell on the door. The dogs ring the bell; they get to go out. Anytime. Without exception. Even at 0200. Even if they are playing with us, just for the fun of interaction. Without exception.
    Even if they are left looking in the door in the freezing cold (for a few minutes, honest) — they know that ringing the bell means a trip outside.
    And the back yard is their toilet — never their “den” inside.
    So just some advice — send a note if you want to communicate further with the household dog trainer and you can be put in touch — all for the cost of your (and our) Internect connection!

  3. Zoomie, I just hope someone does this for me when I’m old ;-)) – well, maybe not making me go outside to pee….
    4 Borders, thanks for the great tips! Dogs really do want to be good and behave for us. I love the idea of the bell!