11 Foods you aren’t eating…. and how to. — 11 Comments

  1. I can handle it all, except the sardines…….maybe ,if they were smothered in something and a chaser of vodka. I regularly eat the other mentionables!

  2. Yay, all favourites of ours and regulars in heavy rotation. Glad to know I am going something right for a change!

  3. ditto on the sardines and beets…I simply can’t do it! fresh sardines on the other hand I can stomach-only just

  4. We’ve just come back from a holiday in blueberry country. I’ve eaten so many I’m just about to change colour!

  5. That pumpkin gratin is how I found your blog – yay! Still haven’t tried it, because I’m apparently married to a six year old. A *picky* six year old. Boo. I’ll have to give this list a shot, though….

  6. I tried to like pomegranate juice; I really did. Maybe I got a rotten brand….
    The other stuff is great though, isn’t it?
    ooooh, pickled beets! J’adore pickled beets!

  7. Year on the Grill – even pickled? Borscht? Well, 10 out of 11 ain’t bad. I can’t even get the blueberries.
    Thanks, Loulou ;-))
    Jann, Hmmm, that’s how I managed Haggis – a lot of Scotch chasers…
    Natashya, it does make one feel good, doesn’t it? We’re wrong so often.
    Calichic, fresh sardines are plentiful here – but I can’t get mon mari to touch them.
    Tanna, sometimes I wonder where they keep their brains… storage, somewhere…
    Hazel, I have a pomegranat tree – but so far only 1 fruit….
    Neil, I wish I could find them here
    Laurie, I know that guy – I think I married his brother. And they don’t seem to improve with age….
    Elizabeth, haven’t seen pomegranate juice to try… but the pickled beets – super easy to make, esp. with pre-cooked beets. Let’s one skip all that messy cooking and peeling.