Bread Baking Babes get hot – with Naan — 22 Comments

  1. Wow, who knew you were so sensitive? That must have been scary for you and everyone around!
    Good choice to go for the plain and a lovely Moroccan stew. Delicious!

  2. So glad you chose to go with the plain, Katie. I’d hate to be responsible for you ending up in the hospital a third time! Your naan turned out beautifully! (I knew saying it made 3 was weird!)

  3. Well that’s a new allergy on me but I’ve learned I’ll never see it all in a life time.
    The stew was an absolute perfect choice to go with your perfect Naan. Try the other recipe too, leave out the curry but the raisins are really beautiful. Honest.

  4. How scary, Katie! Especially the part about the priest standing over you – yeah, I’d give up spicy food too – even if it wasn’t the culprit! I love naan and this looks great!

  5. You opened up a new world for me there Katie, dill, parsley now I think thyme, basil and why not make on with sage? Thanks!

  6. Wow that is scary, no spicy food for you I can totally understand that. Pairing the Naan with a Moroccan flavoured stew is an excellent idea. A thick sauce full of flavours will behave wonderful with the naan (and vice-versa).

  7. oh no… and spicy is the… well, is the spice of life (at least mine).
    You probably want to avoid my blog in the next day or two… I made hamburger buns and added crushed red peppers to em…
    And this weekend is my Mardi gras party… probably don;t want to read that one either.

  8. Poor you to be unable to eat spicy food. BUT your herby compromises sound wonderful.
    I just saw Tanna’s naan and I’m still reeling that the naan recipe you’re using doesn’t contain yoghurt!

  9. A scary allergy, glad you know how to tweak recipes and combine with things you can eat! That stew looks really good btw!

  10. So come sit by those of us who simply don’t *like* spicy hot foods! 😉 My saying is “Food should not hurt”. On the other hand, I do hope you aren’t allergic to herb type flavorings. Or things like cinnamon and cloves. That would be very sad.
    The naan looks fantastic! I tried Indian food for the first time last winter, and now just need to convince my husband that it doesn’t have to be so spicy it hurts AND they serve fantastic bread with it. 🙂

  11. This Naan looks really fluffy indeed but the stew looks delicious as well. Where can you get goat cheese?

  12. Those great Naans of yours can be eaten with everything that tastes good .
    Even in India they don’t eat hot everywhere. Thank god ,because we still want to be able to taste, don’t we ?

  13. …. You’ll just have to make some!
    Lynn, I think 8 would be even better, easier to handle – for me, anyway… Great recipe!
    Gorel, I can get very slightly spicy – north African is usually pretty good for me.
    HFR – um, Naan!?!
    Natashya, scary and a mystery for a long time. We adjust… Others have worse.
    Tanna, I ‘had’ it for 10 years before there was actually a ‘medical diagnosis’ I was first! I will – raisins and cinnamon.
    Jenn, the mind is very powerful ;-))When it speaks, I listen.
    Ilva, I see this as a great summer salad bread – sans oven heating up the kitchen.
    Baking Soda, someone sent me a Morroccan cook book and I’m having fun exploring.
    Year on the Grill – I can do green chiles but not jalepenos if that gives you an idea….
    Elizabeth, I’m a Naan Newbie so I didn’t kknow – if it makes you feel better I ate the leftover WITH yogurt….
    Thanks, Lien, – it was all good ;-))
    Laurie – I like that: Food should not hurt. And non-hot Indian is delicious. Our friend in Spain always saves a bit for me before it gets hot.
    Hazel, here in France, goat cheese is everywhere. Thanks for the kind words…
    Gattina, it’s just not possible in restaurants – at home it can be, er, reasonable.
    Monique, absolutely, there has to some reason for flavor, afterall.
    Thanks Sara….. even mon mari liked it – although he added hot sauce ;-))
    Maria, thanks, it was easy as well as tasty

  14. Lynn, your Naan breads look amazing, you’ve made me want to try it as soon as I get the chance, I’m definitely going to make your recipe and I’m just craving some chicken curry so it’s perfect! Thanks, Lynn!