Broccoli Rice Gratin; Escalator Etiquette; The Weekly Menu — 8 Comments

  1. This looks really good~my kind of winter meal! So, what did you find for your heals.I have something that might work for you….email me when you have the time.

  2. Loulou, and use your cheese of choice ;-))
    Maureen, thanks, they’re all better.
    Jann, are pharmacies are great for getting help with minor things – and it’s all better, – thanks so much.
    Year on the Grill – and now you too can be ready to shop in Andorra! (thanks)

  3. Happy New Year guapa! Long time no see :D. I love the way you explain things, makes me laugh… It’s been more than 20 years since I last went to Andorra (time flies).
    I’ve never combined broccoli and rice and gratin it… but sounds superb and that photo makes me drool…. Mmmmm que rico!

  4. Maria, yes, very weird… Andorra, yes, Spain, yes, France non!
    Nuria, Happy New Year to you! It’s a pretty drive up to Andorra from you…. but a long way to shop…