Ham and Savoy Cabbage Soup; more rants on being cold, Weekly Menu — 8 Comments

  1. Katie I really do not envy you for those cores. I guess I would let the fire go out way to often if I had to do that.
    Remembers me of my childhood when we still had a hand fired oven and it would be freaking cold when we got up in winter mornings. Fortunately Grandma was up earlier most of the time tho and fired the oven so it was beginning to get warm again after a short while…
    Love that soup!!

  2. Love the “Princess Bride” – I’ll need to watch it again. Anyway, I’m also the one who gets up and closes our door in the morning when the heat kicks on, so I have some sympathy for you, although life is not as cold in CA as it is in FR. And My Beloved is lovely and warm when I get back into bed – and he lets me put my cold feet on him. He is the most generous of men.

  3. Astrid, I put too big of a log on last night and killed the fire…. very cold this morning.
    Year on the Grill, and a hot brick at my feet…
    Zoomie, he is indeed a generous man – I am not so lucky…. I am told to keep my bloody cold feet to myself! I have learned that if I just put them close, though, it’s okay and they still get warm ;-))

  4. Hi Katie! Your place sounds amazing! I love wood heat…it really is the best! Although, I know about letting the fire die…have to start all over again…in the cold! Your soup looks wonderful and sooo healthy, really enjoy your posts! Ina from the Westcoast

  5. We lived for years with woodstove heat and often started our early mornings just as you do. Then we installed a baseboard hydronic heating system that runs on propane heated by a super-efficient water heater. Changed our lives. No ash dust to deal with, no getting out of a warm bed to stoke the fire, no wood to chop – it’s very civilized. 🙂

  6. Ina, except for the dust part, it really is quite nice… Oh, and the getting up in the middle of the night part…. Thanks for the kind words ;-))
    Christine, had I know we were going to have to put new floors in I would have, um, encouraged in-floor heating. As usual, too late….Romance v dust…. hard choice