Jaywalking: funny or tragic? New kitchen toys — 12 Comments

  1. I am mortified when I watch Jaywalking. Some of those folks he is talking to have college educations! I guess those that allow their sheer stupidity to be displayed before millions of viewers are perhaps looking for their personal 15 minutes of fame?
    Hmmm….I will have to think on the difference between loathing and hating. My first inclination would be to say that loathing is the stronger word of the two. Maybe that is because loathing is not a word I use often, therefore I think it is harsher than hate? I AM relieved to hear he hates no one!

  2. Canada’s Rick Mercer has a feature like that, called “Talking to Americans”.

    You will like it.
    Love the rings, I want some too! Hooray for vertical food!

  3. I watched that college instructor… Hard to believe it’s not a setup, equally hard to believe if it wasn’t that no one got fired. If I were in charge of the world, someone would have.

  4. I guess I’d have to agree that I laugh, while feeling sad, when I see those clips. But your stacking rings just make me smile. Enjoy!

  5. It has to be actors. Doesn’t it? Please say yes.
    (I just looked at a few minutes of one of the Rick Mercer videos – I had to turn it off. Too mean. Too scary.)

  6. Cindy, I agree on the word loath – thus our confusion. Can you believe some of those people are educating other people? How scary!
    Natashya, thanks for the link – more to make my cringe and laugh. I can’t wait to make vertical salads… or for the warmth that will allow me to.
    Year on the Grill, how do they get a degree in the first place? My world wouldn’t have allowed them out out kindergarten.
    Zoomie, aren’t they fun? The rings, not the idiots….
    Elizabeth, that’s my question…. If not, they are doubly stupid for allowing themselves to be exposed.
    Healthy sports, very sad…. hahaha

  7. No really. It HAS to be actors. Or people who will do anything to be on TV.
    I was thinking about “loathe” vs “hate” and realize that I use “loathe” for food all the time. For instance, I loathe oozy scrambled eggs. Actually, I’m not wild about any scrambled eggs. But I’m loath to use “hate” with food. “Hate” seems like a more personal thing. I might hate the person who created a loathsome oozy scrambled eggs though, especially if that person knew that I was at an official function and had to mask my dislike and eat the revolting mess without allowing my face to twist into the “eeeewwwwwwwwwww” mode.
    With people, the two words are pretty much interchangeable. Using your friend’s analogy: if I loathe a person, I avoid that person at all costs; if I hate a person, I avoid that person at all costs. (I don’t think I would go so far as physical violence in either case though but in both cases, shuddering is in order.)
    Did “despise” come up as well? While I’m thinking I’d rarely say that I despise food items, I’d make an exception with squeezable cheese-product and extend my feeling towards the despicable people who invented it.
    (Wheeeeeeeee!! This was fun!)

  8. Elizabeth, no, despise didn’t come up… strange, now that I think on it, because we both use that word – I wonder if we mean the same thing. I love words – find them always fascinating. On the other hand, that despicable cheese-product and its humans: execrable.

  9. proponents of putrid cheese-product: unconscionable (or, if you prefer to retain the alliterative aspect: preposterous)
    I’d love to know what your friend’s connotation of “despise” is.

  10. Elizabeth, at least one needn’t worry about it ‘going’ bad (as it already is). Next time we’re together I’ll expand that conversation.