Moroccan Chicken Stew for the Naan; the Update — 4 Comments

  1. Our miniscule progress in the hallway and dining room is, well, miniscule compared to this Herculean renovation: hat’s off, and much good food, to hubby. Our problem in the States is that older houses (being made of 2×4 wood and drywall) shift and settle and groan in a quarter-century and so woodwork improvements are just ridiculous to get right. Never mind the damage that scorching heat followed by shivering cold (in the same day, almost) does to a house. It was Turkey Goulash (after a fashion) last night. The drama continues…

  2. Year on the Grill – I can still hear my mother about that floor….
    Val, it went very well with the Naan – no leftovers!
    BorderPundit, any progress at all is to be applauded! And one word about all that shifting: trim. Notice the trim around our ceilings? That’s because the plaster / stone work don’t even come close to making nice ‘corners’. Of course we do have the advantage of just saying ‘It’s old’ when something doesn’t match ;-))