Oatmeal Biscuits; Bunny Slayer no more — 10 Comments

  1. I count six dogs, including the new beauty.
    Three is all we can handle right now. The two cats make up the difference, in time consumed taking care of them all. The cats are not right, mentally, we think, and the time it takes to handle them equals the time it would take to handle four more dogs.

  2. Oh, those roads. I recall a detour up to St. Cirq la Popie. I thought we’d surely end up going over the edge.
    Biscuits are good comfort food.

  3. 4 Broders, 6 is right, 2 of ours, 4 of his. Makes for a crowded kitchen – and interesting walks as one tried not to get tipped off the road and down the mountain.
    Mimi, when I lived in the mountains the roads didn’t bother me, after 5 years on flat land (and no more 4-wheel drive)…
    Maris, I like to work in something healthy ;-))
    Year on the Grill, I KNEW there was a purpose for ‘rising’
    Zoomie, half Landeseer Newf and half Pyreneen mastiff (the Spanish rather than the French version)

  4. OMG!!! those roads!!! I’d have my eyes shut through the entire journey and miss the view entirely.
    That said, it all sounds wonderful – food wise anyway.
    Have a grand 2010!

  5. Ruth, I often want to get out and walk…. But that would be cowardly…. Have a good 2010 yourself ;-))

  6. What a great idea to add oatmeal to baking powder biscuits.
    Poor dog!!
    (I’d get out to walk on those roads too. Actually, I’m not sure I’d even feel safe walking. It looks like there’s lots of scree. Yikes!)

  7. Elizabeth, there is a little scree, but a lot of mini landslides. One definitely needs proper boots and a stick.