Onion Biscuits – what not to do; the Update — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve often put grated cheddar into baking powder biscuits but never thought to put in onions. What an excellent idea.
    I didn’t know that you had to add baking soda or an acid to get the baking powder to activate! Our biscuits have always turned out okay. (Watch, now that I know that the acid is necessary, the biscuits won’t rise any more….)

  2. You guys have more energy that a pair of beavers – can’t wait to see how it all turns out! I’d be inclined not to puree the onion but rather to have little pieces mixed into the dough. Have you ever tried that? If so, did it work? 🙂

  3. The onion biscuits sounds delicious. I have to try it.
    Good luck on your home renovation!

  4. Any thoughts on about how many biscuits this recipe makes? Just need to know how many people to invite to dinner to avoid the “hockey puck” issue! 😉

  5. Year on the Grill, Mon mari is thinking sell and buy a boat…. something for the canals here. But we have to wait for roaming WiFi ;-))
    Elizabeth, lots of biscuits are made with buttermilk, so that’s the acid… or a dash of baking soda. I often use yogurt. Maybe it’s…. no, I’m going to be nice all day today…..
    Zoomie, when I’m in a hurry I actually use onion flakes – but don’t tell anyone.
    Thanks for both, Cooking Ninja!
    Laurie, it makes about 9 smallish ones. I cut the recipe in half because we are only 2. With soup it’s just right for 2, with a regular meal I’d say this would serve 4.