White Chili; Weird Dogs — 7 Comments

  1. My dog still hasn’t figured out the door -opens-in thing and tries to barge out as I try and open the darn door.
    Must be the weather, I made chili last night (red).

  2. Cora does that nose-to-the-crack thing, too, plus barks wildly at the turkeys when they walk across our roof, looking straight up (indoors), barks furiously when a doorbell rings on the TV, etc. I think it’s the idiosyncrasies that make them so lovable.

  3. Meredith, I don’t think they ever learn – and then leaving the door open all summer long further confuses the poor pea-brains.
    Zoomie, once they get these crazy notions they can’s seem to break them. Turkeys on the roof? Dinner?

  4. No dog around my house for years, but I do have a cat that used to run when we vacuumed. One day that ended. Now, he will not move, and if I need to vacuum where he is, he stands, arches his back and hisses til I gently (sometimes) kick him out of the way. This happened over night, and I have no idea when he decided that a vacuum was his enemy meant to be confronted

  5. Year on the Grill, my German Shepherd is the same – she snarls and snaps at the vacuum. The big white dog just leaves the room (scairdy dog)

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