White Chili; Weird Dogs

It’s actually more of an Olive Drab Chili, but will get to that in a minute.

Are all pets weird or do mine have the monopoly on that trait?

After Sedi (German Shepherd) had her stroke she seemed to become a braver dog.

I attributed it to a possible hearing loss, but she was no longer afraid of my printer, she didn’t bolt when I used the microwave or try to crawl under the bed when I set the timer on my oven.

It was rather nice.

I could go about my day without a second thought to where she was and did I remember to close the gate in case she got out when a bell went off.

She and Emma (the Pyreneen mastiff) slept like good little dogs on their respective beds most of the day.

A week ago that changed.

Sedi is not only back to running from the microwave, she takes off when I open the refrigerator and even acts skittish when I open the pantry – where doggie treats are stored.

Instead of sleeping on her bed she now sleeps on the doormat in front of the door.  The wet, cold, dirty door mat.

And speaking of doors….

To all of you dog owners out there – Do your dogs understand how doors work?

My two get their noses right up tight to the door and wait for it to magically become open.

Then I, the magician, come along.

Because the door opens in (as all European doors do – how else could one secure the shutters?) we then go through the back-up, back-up, back-up routine as they try, unsuccessfully to force their way through the tiniest crack as I try, unsuccessfully, to force the door open against their noses.

Eventually the door is opened.

Then they act like old, lost tourists getting off an escalator…..they come to a dead stop.

Right in the middle of the door; letting hot air out and cold air in.

I think they lost what few wits they had whilst in the mountains.

They do remember to come and give me cuddles on a regular basis…..

Now about the Olive Drab Chili.

Back in July, when it was summer, I did a post about freezing courgette (zucchini).

Now I have to think of ways to use it….

The set-up:

I love soup of any and every kind.

Mon mari likes soup, but doesn’t like the ‘broth’ of stock-based soup.  He eats all the chunks and ignores the broth.

I wanted to make the ‘White Chili’ I was seeing on blogs over the holidays.

The solution: 

Use the courgette soup I had frozen to thicken the stock.

The verdict:

Nutritious and Delicious!  Definitely a keeper – but it wasn’t ‘white’.

The recipe, White Chili (or Olive Drab), has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: White Chili.

There you have it: Olive Drab Chili

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7 thoughts on “White Chili; Weird Dogs”

  1. My dog still hasn’t figured out the door -opens-in thing and tries to barge out as I try and open the darn door.
    Must be the weather, I made chili last night (red).

  2. Cora does that nose-to-the-crack thing, too, plus barks wildly at the turkeys when they walk across our roof, looking straight up (indoors), barks furiously when a doorbell rings on the TV, etc. I think it’s the idiosyncrasies that make them so lovable.

  3. Meredith, I don’t think they ever learn – and then leaving the door open all summer long further confuses the poor pea-brains.
    Zoomie, once they get these crazy notions they can’s seem to break them. Turkeys on the roof? Dinner?

  4. No dog around my house for years, but I do have a cat that used to run when we vacuumed. One day that ended. Now, he will not move, and if I need to vacuum where he is, he stands, arches his back and hisses til I gently (sometimes) kick him out of the way. This happened over night, and I have no idea when he decided that a vacuum was his enemy meant to be confronted

  5. Year on the Grill, my German Shepherd is the same – she snarls and snaps at the vacuum. The big white dog just leaves the room (scairdy dog)

  6. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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